ICYMI: News Surrounding the MSP Space

ICYMI: News Surrounding the MSP Space

By Greg Tavarez

On MSP Today, we often talk about the products and solutions MSPs utilize to help their clients combat cyberattacks. With these solutions, MSPs help free their clients to focus on running their core business, all while ensuring their technology is reliable and up-to-date. 

Think of them as your one-stop shop for keeping tech humming smoothly. Below, we have more news around solutions in the MSP space, and we’ll look at reports that give a better understanding of what is treding in the industry.

Let’s take a look:

Adaptive Shield Launches Fast Forward

Adaptive Shield, a provider of SaaS security, launched a new global partner program, Fast Forward, to expand its reach and deliver SaaS security solutions with local support. This program targets various partner types like resellers and security service providers and offers them benefits like training, marketing tools and access to funding to grow their business selling Adaptive Shield's SSPM technology. This technology helps businesses manage the security of all their web-based applications.

More Small Business to Adopt AI

A survey by Thryv shows a rise in AI adoption among small businesses is expected by 2025. Currently, 39% of small businesses use AI, but that number is expected to jump to 51%.

The benefits are clear: AI can save time and money, taking over repetitive tasks and freeing up owners' time. However, there are concerns.

Some worry AI could replace workers, and others worry about bias in AI algorithms. Still, there's a clear trend towards AI use, with platforms like Thryv offering user-friendly AI features specifically designed for small businesses.

Major Disconnect Between Cybersecurity Confidence and Reality?

VikingCloud's report highlights a major disconnect between cybersecurity confidence and reality. Businesses are increasingly experiencing cyberattacks, yet many fail to report them due to fear of repercussions.

This underreporting creates a false sense of security and leaves companies vulnerable. The report also identifies key challenges like talent shortage and lack of training on new AI-fueled attacks. While advanced technologies like GenAI offer solutions, budget constraints and lack of implementation hinder progress.

IT Skills Shortage Continues to Cause Issues

A vast IT skills shortage is causing problems for businesses everywhere, according to an IDC report. From missed revenue to unhappy customers, the cost is expected to reach $5.5 trillion globally by 2026. While AI skills are most in-demand, a wide range of IT and non-technical skills are crucial.

To address this, companies need to create a culture of learning that goes beyond traditional training. This includes engaging methods like hackathons and games, along with leadership support and clear goals to make learning valuable and achievable for employees.

Forescout and Microsoft Team Up

Forescout and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to improve cybersecurity for businesses. This collaboration focuses on securing a growing range of connected devices, especially in IoT, medical and OT environments.

Forescout brings its expertise in unmanaged device security, while Microsoft contributes cloud and managed endpoint security solutions.

By combining their strengths, they aim to provide better visibility, risk assessmen, and threat response for businesses. Several Forescout security solutions are now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

IVALT Offers Incentive Program

iVALT is offering a program for software vendors, MSPs and system integrators to easily integrate iVALT's secure identity verification into their existing platforms. This Zero Trust solution replaces passwords with one-click phone verification using biometrics and other factors. By partnering with iVALT, companies add a valuable security service to their offerings, increase their revenue and improve their clients' security posture.

The MSP space seems like it never sleeps. As always, it will be interesting to see new developments in the industry in the future.

Edited by Alex Passett
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