D2UNet Prioritizes Security, Signs Deal to Offer BBT.live's NSaaS Platform

D2UNet Prioritizes Security, Signs Deal to Offer BBT.live's NSaaS Platform

By Greg Tavarez

The modern business landscape is awash with interconnected devices and services. The rise of enterprise cloud services (where businesses store and access data remotely) created a complex web of traffic flowing beyond the traditional confines of a company network. Coupled with the explosion of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, this has multiplied the number of potential entry points for a network. 

Further muddying the waters is the trend of BYOD, where employees use their personal devices for work. This introduces a range of security risks, as IT departments have less control over these devices and the data they carry. We also cannot forget that the Internet of Things throws another layer of complexity onto the network. These "smart" devices, from industrial sensors to office thermostats, connect to the internet and generate additional data traffic.

The issue? Traditional WAN services, designed for a simpler time with fewer devices and centralized data, struggle to cope with this surge in complexity. Bandwidth limitations lead to sluggish performance, which hinders productivity. Additionally, on-premises security appliances, once the bulwark of network defense, are often siloed and can't effectively monitor and manage the ever-expanding network perimeter. Blind spots where unauthorized access and cyberattacks sneak through undetected are created. Businesses become vulnerable to data breaches, malware infections and other security incidents that can have crippling financial and reputational consequences.

BBT.live's cloud-based NSaaS platform, BeBroadband as a Service, for example, addresses these challenges. It eliminates the need for expensive, complex WAN optimization and security appliances, and offers a full range of functionalities, including SASE, SSE and Zero Trust Network Access, along with Unified Threat Management and Next Generation Firewall capabilities.

By unifying security policies across cloud and physical data centers, BeBroadband as a Service simplifies operations and creates a secure environment. Businesses will utilize everyday internet access and mobile device connectivity with low latency, regardless of user location.

D2UNET, a network equipment and security solutions supplier headquartered in Sydney, Australia, is aware of the complexities as well as what BBT.live’s solution brings. Therefore, D2UNET entered a partnership with BBT.live to offer its customers in Oceanian countries region access to BBT.live's NSaaS platform.

The benefits will be great for Oceanian businesses. Here's why:

Firstly, they will achieve better cost savings. This includes eliminating the need for expensive security appliances, streamlining network management processes and avoiding limitations associated with outdated hardware and software.

Additionally, businesses will benefit from enhanced security with centrally managed features that adapt to ever-evolving cyber threats, and a user-friendly cloud platform simplifies network configuration and security policy management, while also offering the scalability and agility needed to accommodate growth and adapt to changing security landscapes.

“BBT.live's cloud-based platform aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing advanced, cost-effective security solutions,” said Dineshwar Lal, CEO at D2UNet. “By adding this innovative offering to our portfolio, we empower businesses of all sizes to significantly strengthen their network defenses and achieve an optimal security posture.”

This collaboration signifies a mutual dedication to equipping organizations with the necessary tools to confront cyber threats and establish a more secure digital landscape. D2UNet's commitment to securing subscriptions for BBT.live's NSaaS platform by year-end underscores their belief in the value it offers to businesses across Oceania. This target aligns with D2UNet's overall go-to-market strategy, which prioritizes swift market penetration within the growing NSaaS market.

“We are thrilled to join forces with D2UNet, a well-respected distributor with a strong presence in the Oceanian countries region,” said Erez Zelikovitz, EVP Chief Product and Revenue Officer at BBT.live. “Their extensive network and deep understanding of the IT security landscape will be invaluable in extending our reach and empowering businesses in Oceania to benefit from our innovative NSaaS platform.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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