Auguria Emerges with AI-Powered Platform to Combat Security Data Overload

Auguria Emerges with AI-Powered Platform to Combat Security Data Overload

By Greg Tavarez

“The giant challenge security teams face today is too much data and too little time,” said Chris Coulter, Auguria CTO and co-founder. “They want modern data analysis solutions tailored specifically for security practitioners.”

Let’s elaborate on this.

The sheer volume of information generated by security tools far outpaces the capabilities of current analytical solutions. This mismatch creates a time-consuming burden for security teams, which forces them to cobble together makeshift workarounds.

Therefore, security teams resort to "high-touch" manual processes, often repurposing tools designed for other purposes. This inefficient approach wastes valuable time and resources.

The demand for these specialized solutions is clear. Security teams are overwhelmed by a data deluge, and they need innovative tools that can help them turn the tide in the fight against cyber threats.

Well, coming out of stealth mode is Auguria, a cybersecurity AI company, after two-plus years of software platform development. With an initial investment from SYN Ventures Seed Fund, Auguria is driving the transformation of traditional security operations by optimizing data for human and AI consumption with a vector-based cybersecurity platform for security operations data integration, transformation and analytics.

Auguria’s solution lies in its Security Knowledge Layer.

The Auguria SKL uses AI automation techniques to transform, classify and prioritize the massive streams of event logs and telemetry data produced by security systems. This vector-based platform optimizes data for human analysts and AI-powered security tools.

Essentially, Auguria SKL transforms complex security data into actionable insights, provides a holistic view of the security landscape and implifies data integration and analysis. What this does is allow analysts to focus on the most critical threats and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Auguria SKL also acts as a critical connective layer within a security operations center. It integrates seamlessly with existing SIEM systems, data lakes and extended detection and response solutions. This allows Auguria to bridge the gap between traditional security tools and next-generation AI-powered technologies.

“Our methods streamline and automate the entire process, from data ingestion to analysis, to enrichment and prioritization so that analysts can go directly to the step of responding to an incident versus spending vast amounts of time sorting, filtering and triaging billions of data points,” said Coulter. “We're super excited that Auguria is already making people's heads turn.”

With the backing of investors like SYN Ventures, Auguria’s innovative AI-powered platform has the potential to transform security operations and play a critical role in shaping the future of cybersecurity.

Edited by Alex Passett
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