Cloud Backup Provider MSP360 Enters EMEA Market via Local Resellers

Cloud Backup Provider MSP360 Enters EMEA Market via Local Resellers

By Greg Tavarez

Let’s talk about MSP360.

Founded in 2011 by IT experts, MSP360 offers a unified platform for MSPs and internal IT departments to manage backups, access systems remotely and maintain IT infrastructure. Essentially, it's a one-stop shop for data protection and IT management.

Here's how MSP360 tackles these tasks:

They boast the "number one easy-to-use backup solution," which likely refers to user-friendly features and centralized management for backups. This ensures critical data from desktops, servers and even virtual environments is secure. They also integrate with major cloud storage providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure.

MSP360 provides secure remote access software. This eliminates the need for physical presence, improving efficiency and troubleshooting capabilities. And their platform includes RMM tools, simplifying IT infrastructure management. This could involve tasks like software deployment, patch management and system monitoring, all from a central location.

In a nutshell, MSP360 empowers IT professionals to better protect data, support users remotely and efficiently maintain IT systems.

Now, the EMEA region can utilize these offerings because MSP360 officially expanded into the EMEA region through partnerships with local software resellers, marking a milestone in MSP360's global expansion strategy to deliver its cloud-based backup and IT management solutions to a broader audience.

The move is in response to the increasing demand for reliable and secure data protection solutions in the area.

To reach customers effectively, MSP360 has partnered with established local software resellers. These partners include MSPNordics, Bulwark Technologies, QBS, Team Reso, Pure Cloud Solutions, Hararei and H&R Networking. MSP360 prioritizes partnerships with software resellers who possess a strong local presence and expertise. This approach ensures customers receive targeted support and services. Resellers' deep understanding of local regulations and business environments benefits customers directly.

With their understanding of the specific needs of their local markets, these resellers will ensure businesses across EMEA have access to MSP360’s suite of user-friendly and cost-effective backup and IT management solutions.

"Our mission at MSP360 has always been to provide businesses with simple yet powerful tools to manage their data securely and efficiently," said Brian Helwig, CEO of MSP360. "Expanding into the EMEA region with trusted local resellers allows us to support more businesses in safeguarding their critical data against threats and ensuring business continuity."

Edited by Alex Passett
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