Sevco's Action Center Leverages Automation for Faster Threat Resolution

Sevco's Action Center Leverages Automation for Faster Threat Resolution

By Greg Tavarez

Adversaries (ranging from cybercriminals to state-sponsored actors) are exploiting the fragmented nature of security measures. Therefore, it is imperative for enterprises to have comprehensive visibility into their networks. This visibility entails understanding every aspect of the network infrastructure, from endpoints to cloud services, to effectively identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Without this comprehensive visibility, organizations are essentially operating in the dark, unaware of potential security breaches looming within their network. Consequently, the inability to detect and address these threats promptly leaves them vulnerable to devastating cyberattacks, data breaches and financial losses.

To provide that visibility, Sevco Security, the cloud-native CAASM platform that delivers an accurate, continuously updated security asset inventory, introduced automated remediation capabilities to improve cyber posture and reduce risk.

Companies turn to Sevco to bridge the communication gap between IT and security teams. It offers a continuously updated inventory of assets across IT, public/private cloud, IoT devices, operational technology, supply chain, contractors and remote users.

The Sevco Security Action Center lets enterprises directly create tickets within the platform for vulnerabilities, risks and security control gaps, bridging the gap between issue identification and remediation. This enables customers to operationalize Sevco's security asset intelligence data. It also improves their understanding and protection of their attack surface.

By streamlining the ticketing process across various workflows and tools into a single interface, the Action Center facilitates a proactive approach to vulnerability identification and remediation. This simplified workflow reduces mean time to repair and fosters collaboration across teams.

In conjunction with Sevco's Query Builder, which identifies asset coverage gaps through complex queries, the Action Center automatically generates tickets based on the results, further expediting remediation. The platform integrates with existing systems like ServiceNow and allows incident creation in external ticketing platforms directly within the Sevco environment.

“Automated remediation from tools alone is not enough,” said Ken Liao, Vice President of Product Management, Sevco Security. “At Sevco Security, we are committed to empowering our customers in their cybersecurity journey every step of the way. The Action Center makes it even easier to operationalize the comprehensive asset intelligence our platform provides, to remediate threats before breaches occur.”

The Action Center is currently available to all customers.

Edited by Alex Passett
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