MSPs Seek Comprehensive Solutions that Exceed Traditional MDR

MSPs Seek Comprehensive Solutions that Exceed Traditional MDR

By Greg Tavarez

Managed detection and response (MDR) solutions act as a vigilant guard for an organization's network security. They continuously monitor systems for suspicious activity – they analyze logs, events, and network traffic, searching for patterns that might indicate a cyberattack. When a potential threat is detected, security analysts investigate further, assess the risk and take action to contain and neutralize it. 

MSPs offer MDR solutions because they are cost-effective, offer proactive threat detection and fill the gap left by the shortage of security talent. However, traditional MDR solutions have limitations. They may lack the flexibility and customization needed for complex environments, and their reliance on rule-based detection can miss more sophisticated attacks.

That is why MSPs seek solutions that surpass what they call “traditional” MDR solutions. Recognizing this need is Critical Insight, a Platinum sponsor of MSP Expo 2024, with its advanced monitoring solution tailored for MSPs and VARs. Critical Insight will be in booth #717 at the show, part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW, taking place February 13-15 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We had the chance to speak with Ellie Miller, Director of Channels, Critical Insight, who provided more insight on trends within the MSP space, why MSPs seek more comprehensive solutions and how Critical Insight is stepping in to meet that demand.

Here is what Miller had to say:

What recent innovations in your products or services are particularly relevant for MSPs?

Critical Insight recently launched the managed extended detection and response (MXDR) platform, incorporating CyberSaint and Stellar Cyber technologies, to provide an advanced monitoring solution tailored for MSPs and VARs. This platform equips partners with our multitenant portal to enhance visibility, detection, and response capabilities for their customers. There is no other MDR provider that gives managed service and value-added resellers the same level of security value.

Describe your company's role in the MSP ecosystem and how your company supports MSPs?

Critical Insight plays a vital role by offering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, combining MXDR with professional services. We actively support MSPs by providing 24/7 coverage, security capabilities, and a dedicated team of specialists (not a call center...). Our channel partners gain access to experienced SOC analysts and InfoSec consultants, utilizing cutting-edge technologies for a single price.

What are the top 2-3 trends you are seeing in the MSP space and why are they important to MSPs?

Goodbye Frankenstein and hello Holistic Cybersecurity Solutions: MSPs are seeking comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional MDR. The demand for all-in-one security platforms, covering network, cloud, endpoint, identity, IoT, and Industrial Controls, is rising.

Cyber Risk Quantification: There's a growing emphasis on quantifying cyber risk to report to boards and stakeholders. MSPs need tools and platforms that enable effective measurement and reporting of cyber risk metrics.

Integration with Regulatory Frameworks: Integration of cybersecurity solutions with various standards and regulatory frameworks is crucial for monitoring the progress of overall security journeys.

How are these trends impacting your business?

These trends align with Critical Insight's strategic evolution towards providing a holistic MXDR platform. The emphasis on comprehensive cybersecurity, risk quantification, and regulatory compliance is driving the adoption of our solutions.

Ellie Miller
Director of Channels
Critical Insight

How do your services/products integrate into the MSP landscape, creating symbiotic relationships rather than a mere vendor-client dynamic?

Our MXDR platform integrates seamlessly with MSPs' existing tech stacks, providing them with a real-time view of all SOC activity. We actively engage in partnerships, offering a collaborative approach that goes beyond a vendor-client dynamic.

What emerging technologies (e.g., IoT, 5G, AI, generative AI, etc.) should MSPs be considering and incorporating into their service offerings to help their clients stay ahead in their respective industries?

MSPs should consider integrating AI-powered technologies, such as User and Entity Behavioral Analysis (UEBA) and AI-powered correlation for native network detection and response. Embracing advancements in IoT security is also crucial.

The technology landscape and business needs are constantly evolving. How does your company's strategy actively encourage MSPs to embrace change and turn it into a strategic advantage?

Critical Insight actively promotes continuous innovation, providing MSPs with tools and solutions that evolve with the changing landscape. We offer proactive compliance and risk assessments, ensuring MSPs stay ahead of emerging threats and compliance requirements.

What key challenges do MSPs commonly face and how are you helping solve them?

MSPs often face challenges in offering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Critical Insight addresses this by providing a one-stop-shop MXDR platform, easing the integration of security services and compliance requirements.

What sets your solution apart from competitors in the market?

Critical Insight stands out with its holistic MXDR platform, endorsed by the AHA and on multiple contract vehicles to make purchasing a breeze. Our agentless approach, ease of integration, and expertise in critical infrastructure environments differentiate us from competitors.

Please share a success story or two about how your strategies helped MSPs navigate the growth minefield, turning challenges into opportunities.

Along the East Coast is an MSP which specializes in state and local government, specifically police and fire departments. Critical Insight’s strategy to protect critical infrastructure aligns tightly with this MSP’s mission, therefore affording them the opportunity to add cybersecurity services to a very tightly regulated industry.

How do you see the MSP industry evolving in the next several years and how is your company preparing for these changes?

As cyberattacks continue to flood the news, MSPs’ customers will continue to demand greater visibility into third-party security operations. We heard the cry for transparency and coupled it with user-friendly risk metrics. We’ve evolved our platform to empower MSPs and their customers to see threat detection in real-time through our portal. It’s like going to a mechanic. Our partners can peek under the hood whenever they want. They also never have to because we’re there to bring the expertise.

What technological changes/evolution do you expect to see in the coming year and how will those changes impact your business and/or the MSP market?

AI in healthcare will continue to shake up our industry. Critical Insight is a preferred provider for the American Hospital Association which gives us access to healthcare infosec trends nationwide. As telehealth, wearables, and AI diagnostics rapidly emerge in healthcare, our tech-agnostic, agentless platform uniquely positions Critical Insight to adapt. By seamlessly integrating new MIoT devices like smart infusion pumps, we strengthen patient safety through better visibility across the expanding attack surface. For MSPs, we empower secure support of new health technologies.

What are you most looking forward to at MSP Expo 2024?

Aside from escaping the cold... the community that MSP Expo has fostered over the years makes this one of my favorite events. I'm excited to find the right partners to help us carry out the mission of protecting and defending critical infrastructure against the bad guys.

What is your session and why is it a must-attend at MSP Expo 2024?

“Mistakes MSPs Make When Doing Cybersecurity.” Many MSPs have made critical mistakes regarding cybersecurity. This session is an eye-opener for any MSP who wants to stay in business.

Why are you participating at MSP Expo 2024 and what are you highlighting at your booth?

We're participating in MSP Expo 2024 to connect with partners who share our people-centric cybersecurity approach. At our booth, we'll feature our MXDR platform, GRC Tool, Professional Infosec services, and partnership program. Join us to explore how we prioritize comprehensive security solutions, compliance measures, tailored services, and collaborative partnerships.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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