Endpoint Protection Is a Must-Have for MSPs to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Endpoint Protection Is a Must-Have for MSPs to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

By Greg Tavarez

Managed detection and response, or MDR, stands as a pivotal approach in contemporary cybersecurity strategies because it offers a proactive and comprehensive defense against evolving threats. The essence of MDR lies in its ability to not just identify potential breaches but also swiftly respond to them to mitigate damages and fortify defenses for future encounters. This proactive stance is crucial in today's digital landscape where cyber threats are incessantly morphing, surpassing conventional security measures with alarming ease.

One importance of MDR lies in its capacity to provide continuous monitoring and analysis of network activities. By leveraging advanced technologies like AI, machine learning and behavioral analytics, MDR services can detect anomalies and suspicious patterns that might elude traditional security measures.

Additionally, MDR serves as a force multiplier for MSPs. It allows MSPs to extend sophisticated cybersecurity capabilities to clients who might lack the resources or expertise to implement them independently. By outsourcing their security needs to MSPs offering MDR services, organizations can access enterprise-grade security solutions typically at a fraction of the cost, which helps them level the playing field against cyber threats regardless of organizational size or industry.

One company that offers MDR services to MSPs is Kaspersky, and we had the chance to talk to Trevor Serebro, Territory Channel Manager, Americas, Kaspersky, who provided insight onto what he sees as trends in the MSP space, what he thinks the MSP market will look like through 2024 as well as what the Kaspersky team will bring to MSP Expo 2024, including its MDR services, among others.

MSP Expo is part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW, taking place February 13-15 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Kaspersky is a Gold sponsor and will be in booth #449.

Here is what Serebro had to say:

What recent innovations in your products or services are particularly relevant for MSPs?

EDR and MDR, Security for Office 365, Security Awareness Training, Digital Footprint Monitoring and Container Security.

Describe your company's role in the MSP ecosystem and how your company supports MSPs?

We've developed a strong MSP Program with a robust MSP-centric license management portal. In addition, we lead in the Endpoint Protection market segment, having the most tested and awarded products.

What are the top 2-3 trends you are seeing in the MSP space and why they are important to MSPs?

Compliance and security. MSPs can help businesses comply with regulatory standards and enhance their cybersecurity posture. They often offer services like regular audits, security assessments, and updates to ensure compliance and security.

Cost management for IT. One of the main benefits of using an MSP is cost savings. By outsourcing these functions to MSPs, businesses can lessen the reliance on internal IT staff and decrease capital investment in IT infrastructure.

Backup and disaster recovery. MSPs often provide robust backup and disaster recovery solutions. This guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the business by safeguarding against the loss of data resulting from system breakdowns, digital security breaches, or environmental catastrophes.

Trevor Serebro
Territory Channel Manager, Americas

How are these trends impacting your business?

With the growing rate of cyberattacks and the need for effective cybersecurity solutions, MSPs are increasingly seeking out products to mitigate risk and reduce attacks.

How do your services/products integrate into the MSP landscape, creating symbiotic relationships rather than a mere vendor-client dynamic?

Kaspersky integrates with several management platforms, such as Connectwise and Solarwinds. Kaspersky also offers Managed Detection Response for many endpoint solutions to layer a threat-hunting service on current MSPs endpoint protection solutions.

What emerging technologies (e.g., IoT, 5G, AI, generative AI, etc.) should MSPs  be considering and incorporating into their service offerings to help their clients stay ahead in their respective industries?

A critical way to enhance your service would be to integrate an expert MDR service into your security stack. 24/7 management of cybersecurity threats is no longer optional, it should be the standard approach for the MSP.

The technology landscape and business needs are constantly evolving. How does your company's strategy actively encourage MSPs to embrace change and turn it into a strategic advantage?

Kaspersky has been at the forefront of delivering Machine-Learning/ AI protection to MSPs and customers for years, and we continue to develop this critical element of our solutions. In addition, we take a holistic approach to cybersecurity, including products and services like Security Awareness Training, Threat Intelligence, Digitial Footprint Monitoring, etc.

What key challenges do MSPs commonly face and how are you helping solve them?

Solution efficacy. Kaspersky is known for producing the most effective cybersecurity products on the market today, validated by our leadership through hundreds of independent tests and reviews: https://usa.kaspersky.com/top3

What sets your solution apart from competitors in the market?

Over a third of our staff are involved in research and development. This is a testament to our commitment to staying ahead of cybercriminals. Our protection is built on our leading Threat Intelligence engine, which government agencies and large enterprises around the globe use.

Please share a success story or two about how your strategies helped MSPs navigate the growth minefield, turning challenges into opportunities.

Last year, a new MSP turned to Kaspersky to provide endpoint protection for its client base. Within the year, the MSP decided to elevate its service and upgrade to Kaspersky's EDR product portfolio. A few months later, the MSP moved to Kaspersky's MDR Service, offering its clients a 24/7 Threat Hunting service. This speaks to the journey we can take with our MSPs, helping them grow as they develop their businesses.

How do you see the MSP industry evolving in the next several years, and how is your company preparing for these changes?

MSPs are constantly looking for efficiencies and ways to consolidate management consoles. To this end, we have an extensive portfolio of endpoint protection. We protect Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android, PLCs and SCADA, containers, and other virtualized environments. We can also protect huge data lakes in the cloud with our Scan Engine product. We are well positioned to help MSPs scale and grow.

What technological changes/evolution do you expect to see in the coming year and how will those changes impact your business and/or the MSP market?

Increased focus on security. As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, MSPs will likely enhance their cybersecurity offerings further.

Cloud integration. The shift toward cloud computing will see MSPs offering more cloud management services, including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions.

AI and automation. The adoption of AI and automation technologies for more efficient service delivery and predictive maintenance will likely increase.

Focus on compliance. With more stringent regulations, MSPs will be critical in helping businesses stay compliant.

Customized services. As businesses seek solutions tailored to their specific needs, MSPs will offer more bespoke services.

IoT management/ With the rise of IoT, MSPs will likely expand services to include IoT device management and security.

As mentioned before, Kaspersky is well-positioned to help MSPs stay at the forefront of cybersecurity, AI and automation, customized services, and IoT security for its clients.

What are you most looking forward to at MSP Expo 2024?

I'm excited about meeting with MSPs and learning about their challenges and successes. As a vendor, we're often separated from the day-to-day difficulties that MSPs experience, so getting an opportunity to hear from them first-hand is exciting for me.

Why are you participating at MSP Expo 2024 and what are you highlighting at your booth?

Managed detection and response, security awareness training, container security, Scan Engine and Security for Office 365.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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