CrowdStrike's Falcon Go Soars to Transform SMB Cyber Defenses

CrowdStrike's Falcon Go Soars to Transform SMB Cyber Defenses

By Greg Tavarez

Traditional antivirus solutions employed by SMBs face increasing challenges in effectively safeguarding against alarmingly sophisticated and malicious activities. Ransomware, in particular, has become more sophisticated, employing encryption techniques and obfuscation methods that can easily bypass traditional antivirus defenses.

Of course, malicious tactics don't stop there. Cyberattackers are adept at developing new and varied attack vectors, such as phishing emails and social engineering tactics, which may not be effectively countered by legacy antivirus solutions.

Conventional antivirus tools, which primarily rely on signature-based detection methods, struggle to keep pace with these tactics. Because of the limitations of traditional antivirus, SMBs are too often left vulnerable to the growing threat landscape.

To provide crucial cybersecurity defense for SMBs against ransomware attacks and data breaches, CrowdStrike has unveiled an innovative release of CrowdStrike Falcon Go. The updated software enables SMBs to swiftly and effortlessly implement protection through user-friendly actions, effectively thwarting contemporary cyber threats often overlooked by less effective antivirus products.

The Falcon platform leverages the CrowdStrike Security Cloud and AI to deliver precise threat detection, automated protection, remediation, elite threat hunting, and prioritized vulnerability observability for critical enterprise areas like endpoints, cloud workloads, identity and data.

The latest Falcon Go release is designed to maximize the value of cybersecurity investments for SMBs, so they can better concentrate on business growth without the constant concern of cyberattacks. Offering AI-native cybersecurity, Falcon Go provides immediate deployment through pre-configured protection, streamlining the process of securing and managing devices. The platform ensures transparency and efficacy through a unified home screen, offering instant insights into device protection, threat activities, and the product's effectiveness in thwarting attacks.

Moreover, Falcon Go provides robust protection against data theft by granting full visibility and control over USB media, preventing both accidental and intentional exfiltration of company data.

Falcon Go not only prioritizes simplicity and speed in its deployment but also emphasizes the verification of protection for SMBs. The platform's user-friendly interface offers a straightforward overview of device security and threat prevention. Powered by the Falcon platform, Falcon Go recently scored 100% ransomware prevention in SE Labs testing.

“Cyberattacks and ransomware should be words that no SMB should ever worry about, but the failure of traditional antivirus products put these companies at risk,” said Daniel Bernard, Chief Business Officer at CrowdStrike. “Current SMB cybersecurity offerings leave this vast market segment underserved and underprotected. Falcon Go is changing the game with AI-powered protection, a prosumer user experience and the outcome every business needs — stopping the breach.”

A free trial of Falcon Go is available.

Edited by Alex Passett
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