Deloitte and ServiceNow Strengthen Partnership with Advanced GenAI Integration in Managed Services

Deloitte and ServiceNow Strengthen Partnership with Advanced GenAI Integration in Managed Services

By Greg Tavarez

Organizations often face hurdles from inefficient, isolated operations across functions like finance, HR, IT, supply chain and procurement. These silos hinder agility in responding to market changes and customer demands.

Generative AI, at the forefront of emerging technology investment priorities for C-suite executives, is becoming a pivotal tool in reshaping how organizations operate and interact with the market. Over the next year, it is set to dominate the list of investments as businesses look to harness its potential.

Generative AI, as we know, lets organizations automate and optimize various processes, enabling them to adapt more swiftly to market changes. As a result, companies can unlock new levels of productivity, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness, helping them gain a significant edge in their respective industries.

This stays in line with executives who are setting their sights on long-term outcomes. According to IDC, the primary objective for organizations in the next three to five years is revenue growth, which can be aided by GenAI initiatives.

In the realm of Generative AI, there are two companies that are well-equipped to assist organizations in achieving their business transformation goals: Deloitte and ServiceNow.

Deloitte and ServiceNow expanded their partnership to incorporate ServiceNow's Now Assist GenAI into advanced managed services, offering end-to-end Operate services. By blending Deloitte's industry expertise with ServiceNow's AI-powered platform, they aim to deliver comprehensive managed services and are set to use ServiceNow's platform to expand these services globally.

"Leading organizations are seeking industry-tailored technology solutions to accelerate the time to value, which is exactly what our expanded alliance will deliver,” said Joe Ucuzoglu, Deloitte Global CEO.

Deloitte's Operate services focus on assisting customers in managing ongoing operational and technology needs by enhancing technology applications, cloud infrastructure and providing advisory, data and analytics services to support business transformation goals. Their proprietary platform, OperateEdge, combines data, tools and knowledge driven by Deloitte's methodologies and AI practices.

The partnership with ServiceNow aims to drive improvements across various industries and business areas. For instance, incident management can significantly enhance productivity with faster resolutions, improving overall service efficiency by 20% to 30%. Customer Service Management streamlines customer engagement processes by generating summaries from cases and chats, reducing manual work for agents. In HR Service Delivery, Generative AI capabilities can boost agent productivity and enhance employee case resolution.

The collaboration plans to deliver transformation across industries like supply chain, financial services, life sciences, healthcare and sustainability. This includes optimizing supply chain and manufacturing functions, streamlining financial operations, reimagining healthcare processes using analytics and AI, and mitigating sustainability initiatives by leveraging data and GenAI for sustainable logistics and carbon emission reduction.

“Deloitte’s commitment to enhance their service offerings with ServiceNow’s Now Assist Generative AI capabilities demonstrates its market-leading innovation on behalf of customers around the world,” said ServiceNow Chairman and CEO Bill McDermott. “This kind of co-development creates a fly-wheel effect for businesses – more use cases drive more workflow automation. ServiceNow and Deloitte can deliver superior digital transformation to help customers in every industry improve their business.”

Additionally, Deloitte is integrating generative AI tools to improve its professionals' efficiency. They're deploying specialized LLMs for different teams, expanding AI fluency by training over 120,000 professionals through the Deloitte AI Academy, and investing over $2 billion in global technology learning and development programs to enhance AI skills and expertise in various industries and functions.

“This is an exciting step in our combined Deloitte and ServiceNow AI journey where we are continuing to bring together leading, unique industry assets and services that help address complex challenges that clients need to overcome, with a dedicated ServiceNow Assets & Solutions group of professionals, unlocking more value from their investments with speed, scale and insight,’’ said Asish Ramchandran, Deloitte’s chief commercial officer for the ServiceNow alliance.

This step builds on an 11-year alliance between Deloitte and ServiceNow, an alliance that has seen Deloitte receive several ServiceNow awards in 2023.

Managed Services and Generative AI at key areas of focus at the upcoming ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW, taking place February 13-15, 2024 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  MSP Expo is the premier event for MSPs, offering a three-day experience to help MSPs build their businesses.  Generative AI Expo bring together leading researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to share their unique perspectives, exchange ideas, and discuss the present and future of this rapidly evolving technology and explore how it  is already being used to create new opportunities for businesses to improve operations, enhance customer experiences, and create new growth opportunities. 

Edited by Erik Linask
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