IT Service Providers Benefit from Ostendio and Arrow Electronics' Collaboration

IT Service Providers Benefit from Ostendio and Arrow Electronics' Collaboration

By Greg Tavarez

Security and compliance are essential aspects of any business that deals with sensitive data and systems. The challenge that comes with that is many businesses struggle to manage their security and compliance programs effectively, using outdated and disjointed methods such as emails, portals, and spreadsheets. These methods create silos and gaps in security and compliance posture, making it hard to monitor, measure and improve the performance and maturity of the security and compliance processes.

The challenge becomes even more daunting when businesses have to manage and align multiple client security programs, each with different security frameworks and standards.

For example, some clients may require compliance with ISO 27001, a widely recognized international standard for information security management, while others may demand adherence to NIST, a set of guidelines and best practices for cybersecurity developed by the U.S. government, or SOC 2, a framework for auditing and reporting on the security, availability, and confidentiality of service providers.

Managing and aligning multiple client security programs with different security frameworks requires a lot of coordination, communication and documentation, as well as a deep understanding of the security and compliance requirements and expectations of each client and framework.

The comprehensive Ostendio platform helps clients track and manage documents, security training, audits, assets, incidents, vendors, risk and assessments. The Ostendio platform is used by clients to build, operate, and showcase their security programs in line with complex security frameworks including HITRUST, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.

By leveraging the Ostendio platform, MSPs can expand their cybersecurity offerings to include access to over 200-plus frameworks and regulations as part of building an overall security program. Now, the platform is more widely available to IT service providers because of a distribution agreement between Ostendio and Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 109 value-added distributor.

Arrow is a global provider of technology products and services, specializing in electronic components, enterprise computing and intelligent solutions. It helps customers create, make and manage forward-thinking products that make the benefits of technology accessible to as many people as possible.

Arrow's cloud management platform, ArrowSphere, removes complexity from the IT buying process by connecting these technologies with thousands of channel partners and millions of end-users through an extensive cloud catalog and consumption management capabilities.

Through the relationship, thousands of MSPs and VARS will transition from standard on-site IT management to security and compliance offerings.

“As MSPs and VARs transition from managing onsite IT to managing data across the cloud, compliance becomes a fundamental service they need to provide to stay relevant to the evolving needs of their clients," said Grant Elliott, CEO and co-founder of Ostendio. "The Ostendio platform meets the needs of growing MSPs to enable a more sophisticated offering, helping clients manage data while meeting risk and compliance requirements."

Edited by Alex Passett
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