Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions: Rackspace Taps Palo Alto Networks

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions: Rackspace Taps Palo Alto Networks

By Alex Passett

This morning, fellow MSP Today colleague Greg Tavarez crafted a piece for the Future of Work News. Therein, Tavarez reported the following about cybersecurity concerns:

“Cyber breaches are on the rise. In America, around two-thirds of Americans who went online received at least one online scam offer, and 47% of American adults have had their person information exposed by cyber criminals, according to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.”

Indeed, concerning.

Thankfully, the nature of cyber threats correlates with the need for masters of modern cybersecurity. The world over, organizations work tirelessly to considerably strengthen customers’ abilities to stay ahead of evolving attack vectors.

One such organization that made news this past week is Rackspace.

Rackspace’s multicloud solutions experts solve workload problems and create business advantages that empower teams and safeguard applications, data, and security. Rather than looking at cloud environments from a traditional vantage point, Rackspace takes a technology-stack-centric view, supporting four primary technology stacks across the likes of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and VMware. Using this flexible framework, they meet customers’ needs at a time when – as Tavarez noted – breaches are rising and cyber criminals are getting craftier.

So, the news: Rackspace announced that it has chosen cybersecurity provider Palo Alto Networks to deliver additional comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Combining Palo Alto Networks’ Strata Next-Generation Firewalls and Cloud-Delivered Security Services with Rackspace's multifold expertise in multicloud computing and security operations? That means forward-thinking organizations will be well-equipped to:

  • Protect data and applications from the progressive slog of advanced threats (e.g. ransomware, malware, and data breaches).
  • Simplify their security architecture and operations; keeping things simple may temporarily reduce stress, but ensuring the complexities are taken of is a long-haul win.
  • Accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformations to match (if not outpace) current and in-the-making threats from bad actors.

“We’re very excited to work with Palo Alto Networks to deliver the most comprehensive managed cybersecurity solutions in the market,” said Brian Lillie, President of Private Cloud, Rackspace Technology. “Together, we’ll help organizations to protect their data and applications, streamline their security operations, and accelerate their multicloud adoption.”

BJ Jenkins, President of Palo Alto Networks, also commented on how “enterprises are increasingly vulnerable to new and sophisticated attacks. In response, customers look for the most advanced technology to enhance their cybersecurity posture and bolster their infrastructure, and we’re delighted to be chosen to help Rackspace deliver these technologies.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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