Talon Extension Shields Against Cyber Threats in the Browser Realm

Talon Extension Shields Against Cyber Threats in the Browser Realm

By Greg Tavarez

Billions of people around the world use web browsers to access the internet; whether it's for work or leisure activities, and with Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox being some of the most popular browser options, according to Statista.

Using a browser is convenient, but it also does come with risks associated with phishing, malware and data breaches. So, it's up to organizations to secure their workforce environment through robust security measures. That way, companies can maintain employee morale and productivity, comply with legal obligations and foster trust among customers and stakeholders.

Talon Cyber Security, a provider of enterprise browser technology, transforms the browser into a secure workspace with the market’s most complete enterprise browser security portfolio, which includes the Talon Enterprise Browser, Talon Extension and Talon Mobile. With Talon, IT and security teams benefit from deep visibility and tight control over all SaaS and web applications, enabling them to secure any user, in any location, on any device.

Now, Talon has made available Talon Extension, a new enterprise browser security solution that provides customers with visibility and protection for activities conducted within the browser.

Deploying the Talon Extension empowers organizations with enhanced visibility, security and control over browser activities, while ensuring great user experiences. This extension offers numerous features and benefits to customers, starting with its simple and seamless deployment process, which takes only minutes and is compatible with popular web browsers. Additionally, the extension seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise IT and security stacks, adding immediate value within the organization's current environment.

Another key advantage is the unprecedented visibility it provides to security and IT teams. Users gain insights into browser activities and posture details, such as browser versions and installed extensions. This visibility enables better monitoring and management of browser-related risks and potential threats.

Furthermore, the Talon Extension enhances security for customers by offering advanced capabilities, including URL filtering, anti-phishing measures and protection against common account takeover attacks. By leveraging these features, organizations can better safeguard their users and data, resulting in immediate cost savings as legacy web security solutions become unnecessary.

The Talon Browser Extension also operates invisibly to users, allowing for a seamless experience with no disruption in productivity. Like Talon's Enterprise Browser, users can continue to work as they normally would through the browser, without compromising performance or efficiency.

“With the addition of the Talon Extension to complement our enterprise browser and mobile solution, we are delivering the most complete enterprise browser security portfolio on the market with unified policy management, unlocking new capabilities and use cases for our customers that enable their businesses,” said Ohad Bobrov, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Talon.

In a use-case scenario, Talon helps Rapyd protect its workforce in an effective manner. Talon’s Enterprise Browser secures unmanaged devices across Rapyd’s environment, and the Talon Extension is delivering increased security, visibility and control for Rapyd’s managed endpoints.

“The synergy between the two products has been a competitive advantage for our team in staying ahead of the complex threat landscape,” said Nir Rothenberg, Chief Information Security Officer, Rapyd.

Thus, there’s no question that the Talon Extension empowers organizations to fortify their browser-based operations while ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.

The extension is easily installed on any web browser, making it an ideal solution for customers to gain visibility into browser activities on managed devices as an alternative to legacy web security solutions, and as part of phased enterprise browser deployments.

Edited by Alex Passett
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