Blackstone Secures SaaS Ecosystem with Investment in Adaptive Shield

Blackstone Secures SaaS Ecosystem with Investment in Adaptive Shield

By Greg Tavarez

Bad actors behind cyberattacks are more sophisticated today, and that only looks to get worse from here. This means that the potential risks posed by cybercriminals will, in turn, continue to escalate. Therefore, proactive measures have become the cornerstone of robust cybersecurity practices.

With that said, this growth is also creating a new and complex mesh of business-critical applications that are increasingly being targeted by attackers. Organizations are in need of a bulwark to gain deep visibility and control over all business-critical SaaS applications and secure their entire SaaS stack through threat prevention, detection and response.

Providing exactly that is Adaptive Shield.

A new investment from Blackstone Innovations Investments (Blackstone's strategic investment arm, bringing its total capital raised to $44 million) is accelerating Adaptive Shield’s mission to protect companies as the number of SaaS applications used by enterprises has continued to grow rapidly.

“We view the SaaS ecosystem as one of the top emerging attack vectors today, and our usage and investment in Adaptive Shield is highly strategic for the broader Blackstone portfolio as we collectively strive to stay ahead of such threats,” said Adam Mattina, Deputy Chief Security Officer and Head of Portfolio Cybersecurity at Blackstone.

Adaptive Shield offers an innovative platform that empowers businesses to gain full visibility into their SaaS applications, analyze potential risks, and implement dynamic security policies tailored to their specific needs. With Adaptive Shield, organizations prevent, detect, and respond to identity-centric SaaS threats through misconfiguration management, SaaS-to-SaaS access and discovery, identity and access governance, Device-to-SaaS user risk management and identity threat detection and response

At the heart of Adaptive Shield's success lies its sophisticated technology, which combines advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This powerful combination allows organizations to proactively identify and address potential security gaps within their SaaS applications, thereby mitigating the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access and compliance violations.

"Blackstone's investment demonstrates its success with our offering and underscores Adaptive Shield’s innovative capabilities as the only SaaS security platform to integrate with more than 130 applications that covers an expansive SaaS attack surface,” said Maor Bin, co-founder and CEO at Adaptive Shield. “With Blackstone's support, we will continue our trajectory for growth and expansion while keeping up with the constantly evolving threats.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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