Simplify Security, Amplify Protection with ESET PROTECT's Unified Cybersecurity Platform

Simplify Security, Amplify Protection with ESET PROTECT's Unified Cybersecurity Platform

By Greg Tavarez

Organizations face an increasingly challenging landscape of cyber threats that jeopardize their valuable assets, sensitive data and critical systems. The financial impact of data breaches can be severe, with businesses experiencing an average cost of $4.35 million in 2022, according to AAG IT.

To effectively combat these threats and mitigate the financial consequences, businesses are turning to unified cybersecurity platforms. These comprehensive solutions consolidate various security technologies and tools into a centralized system, bringing order to the chaos.

By integrating threat intelligence, endpoint security, network security and vulnerability management into a single platform, organizations can streamline their security operations and reduce administrative overhead.

In the cybersecurity space, ESET has been a trusted provider of IT security software and services. Their unified cybersecurity platform, ESET PROTECT, offers a centralized console for businesses to manage and safeguard their endpoints, networks and data. The platform encompasses essential features such as endpoint protection, remote management, security monitoring, and reporting. It also includes automated threat response, patch management and network visibility and control.

ESET further expanded the capabilities of its platform with the launch of ESET PROTECT Elite, a cybersecurity solution designed for enterprises, SMBs and channel partners. This advanced offering provides robust protection against ransomware and zero-day threats. Leveraging cloud-based sandboxing, ESET PROTECT Elite creates an isolated test environment to detect and mitigate emerging threats effectively.

In addition to the launch, ESET partnered with OPSWAT, a provider of critical infrastructure cybersecurity, Tto enhance the security capabilities of the ESET PROTECT Platform. This collaboration introduces integrated vulnerability and patch management. ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management deliver comprehensive patching solutions for popular applications, addressing over 35,000 common vulnerabilities and exposures. It supports both automatic and manual patching options for software such as Adobe Acrobat, Mozilla Firefox and Zoom Client.

With centralized management through the ESET PROTECT Cloud console, organizations gain the ability to assess security threats and handle patches across their entire network efficiently. This ensures timely detection and remediation of the latest zero-day vulnerabilities. The platform's multitenancy functionality allows organizations to maintain full visibility while focusing on specific areas of their network. Vulnerabilities can be filtered and prioritized based on their severity and exposure score, and customizable exception settings provide precise control.

Additionally, lower priority patches can be scheduled during off-peak times to minimize disruptions.

"Vulnerability and Patch Management combined with ESET PROTECT enables MSP partners to centralize and automate multiple IT security and management tasks,” said Ryan Grant, Vice President of Sales, North America, ESET. “They can maintain an up-to-date inventory of their clients and close any infrastructure blind spots that might have existed previously.”

The launch of ESET PROTECT Elite is accompanied by five subscription tiers to the ESET PROTECT Platform, catering to different business needs:

ESET PROTECT Entry provides competitive endpoint protection with modern multilayered security features, while ESET PROTECT Advanced adds full disk encryption and cloud sandboxing to protect against ransomware and zero-day threats.

ESET PROTECT Complete expands further by incorporating ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management, offering comprehensive protection for endpoints, cloud applications, and email, which is a significant threat vector.

The new ESET PROTECT Elite combines the capabilities of ESET PROTECT Complete with ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management, extended detection and response capability, and robust multifactor authentication.

Lastly, ESET PROTECT MDR is an enterprise-grade solution that combines the features of the ESET PROTECT Elite tier with managed security and professional services, providing complete cyber risk management, threat hunting, and expert guidance.

"These strategic investments in ESET PROTECT Elite and ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management arm our channel partners with a modern competitive cybersecurity portfolio reflecting customer needs and addressing future digital security challenges," said Grant.

For organizations requiring continuous threat monitoring, threat hunting, and expert guidance for digital forensics and remediation, ESET PROTECT Elite is available as part of the integrated ESET PROTECT MDR solution.

Edited by Alex Passett
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