Stellar Cyber Boosts Threat Detection Capabilities through Amazon Security Lake Collaboration

Stellar Cyber Boosts Threat Detection Capabilities through Amazon Security Lake Collaboration

By Greg Tavarez

Traditionally, organizations employed multiple security products and tools from different vendors to address various aspects of cybersecurity (such as firewalls, antivirus software and intrusion detection systems). However, these products often operated in silos, lacking effective integration and coordination.

The result? Cybersecurity professionals found themselves grappling with the task of making these disparate security products work together seamlessly. They had to invest time and effort into configuring and managing these tools, dealing with compatibility issues and ensuring that they collectively provided comprehensive protection against cyber threats. This fragmented approach to cybersecurity made it challenging to obtain a holistic view of the organization's security posture and respond effectively to emerging threats.

The lack of integration among security products also posed other problems. It led to inefficient workflows and increased operational complexity, as security teams had to switch between multiple interfaces and platforms to monitor and manage different aspects of their security infrastructure.

Stellar Cyber looks to make things easier for cybersecurity professionals by providing a unified cybersecurity platform that integrates and orchestrates multiple security products. Their platform offers a centralized interface, automates threat detection and response, facilitates proactive threat hunting and investigation, supports security orchestration and automation, and is customizable and scalable.

Stellar Cyber is taking another step in its efforts to help cybersecurity professionals with support for the Amazon Security Lake from Amazon Web Services. The Amazon Security Lake is a centralized security data lake solution that collects and stores security-related data from various sources, enabling organizations to analyze and detect threats effectively. It includes built-in security analytics, integrates with AWS security services and allows customization for ingestion of data from multiple sources.

“Amazon Security Lake simplifies the process of addressing security needs for AWS customers by eliminating the complexities of manual data integration,” said Rod Wallace, General Manager for Amazon Security Lake.

Support from Stellar Cyber means that organizations using the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform and AWS can directly ingest data from the Amazon Security Lake into Stellar Cyber, automatically enabling richer data analysis and faster threat detection.

“The introduction of AWS and the Amazon Security Lake marks a significant shift for security teams, allowing them to focus on securing their environments rather than managing data,” said Sam Jones, Vice President of Product Management at Stellar Cyber. “By integrating Amazon Security Lake with our Open XDR Platform, security teams can achieve an elevated level of risk visibility, enabling them to detect and eliminate threats quickly.”

Stellar Cyber’s existing integrations with Amazon GuardDuty, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Network Firewall provide full security visibility across an entire AWS organization. Supporting Amazon Security Lake further demonstrates Stellar Cyber’s support for the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework, an open-source cybersecurity data project used by Amazon Security Lake and created to make the sharing and storing of data between security products more efficient and effective.

“With the integration of Amazon Security Lake, we are taking another important step toward achieving our mission,” said Andrew Homer, vice president of technology alliances at Stellar Cyber. “With this support, our ability to effectively detect threats in the cloud takes a significant step forward.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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