Navigating the Future of UCaaS: Sangoma's New Suite and Channel Partnership

Navigating the Future of UCaaS: Sangoma's New Suite and Channel Partnership

By Erik Linask

In an age of rapid digital transformation, the UCaaS market is experiencing unprecedented growth. Businesses worldwide have a newfound need and appreciation for cloud-based solutions as they look to keep employees connected, while maintaining productivity and efficiency.  As such, the demand for robust, flexible, and secure communication solutions has skyrocketed, giving integrated cloud communications providers momentum thanks to their ability to deliver the tools necessary to streamline business operations, enhance collaboration, and drive business growth – all while employees are working from, well, anywhere.

Sangoma is certainly no stranger to the communications space.  It has been in the voice business for nearly 40 years, having started with its telephony cards and, over the years evolving its business to now delivering fully integrated solutions, including both proprietary and open source technologies – the latter through its acquisitions of Schmooze (FreePBX) and Digium (Asterisk).

Looking to leverage the momentum in the cloud communications space, Sangoma recently launched its new Sangoma Suite – a comprehensive business communications solution – and now, has announced a new partnership with Telarus, one of today’s premier TSDs (Technology Services Brokerage).  With these two announcements, Sangoma looks to further position itself to benefit from the cloud trend that was already growing, but was accelerated during the recent global pandemic.

The Sangoma Suite: A Comprehensive Communications Solution

Sangoma Suite, announced late last month, is an all-in-one package that bundles together Sangoma's UCaaS solutions, collaboration tools, video meetings, and integrations.  In an age where businesses are increasingly moving away from best-of-breed solutions, opting for inclusive solution bundles, Sangoma is also offering discounts for companies looking to bundle its contact center solution, phones, SD-WAN service, and cloud security solutions, creating a robust communications solution.

With the Sangoma Suite, businesses are able to consolidate their communications infrastructure into a one-throat-to-choke model, as it were.  In doing so, they are able to eliminate multiple vendor relationships and the complexity that comes with needing to integrate disparate solutions – along with simplifying back-office functions.  By consolidating to a single vendor and an integrated set of tools, businesses are able to maximize their investments and don’t have to worry about learning, using, and managing multiple systems.  The single-vendor approach reduces complexity, streamlines communications, and increases productivity.

Sangoma's Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Jim Machi, says as much, emphasizing that  the Sangoma Suite was designed to make communications “easy, reliable, and cost-effective by delivering the essential solutions that every business needs from a single source."

With Sangoma Suite, users have access to various communication and collaboration tools in one solution, and benefit from simpler team collaboration, improve response times, and a more connected and efficient work environment – all burdens of geographically disparate workforces.

The Telarus Partnership: Expanding Reach and Enhancing Service

With its newly launched Suite, Sangoma offers a robust solution t meet the needs of any SMB and, now with its Telarus relationship, has access to a massive global network of more than 5,000 VARs, resellers, and MSPs – effectively doubling the size of its indirect sales channel.

Through the relationship, Telarus' partner network will now have access to Sangoma's cloud solution set.  The partnership also speaks to the increasing demand among SMBs for modern communication systems that seamlessly integrate UCaaS, CCaaS, video meetings, collaboration, and desktop and mobile clients into one solution.  A comprehensive set of communications and collaboration tools, once only attainable by larger enterprises, puts SMBs on an equal playing field and allows them to compete more effectively.

Jamie Minner, Chief Revenue Officer at Sangoma, expressed delight at welcoming Telarus as Sangoma’s latest TSB partner:  “Sangoma's UCaaS solution and our Sangoma Suite Bundle are perfectly suited for the TSB channel, since Sangoma can offer an end-to-end business communication solution at an affordable price.”

While the partnership enables Sangoma to reach a broader customer base with its solutions, Telarus co-owners and COO Richard Murray sees it as a win-win, noting that Telarus and its partners – and their end customers all benefit from access to Sangoma Suite.

“The recent announcement of the Sangoma Suite bundle, coupled with their excellent service reputation, will enable our agents to offer a complete communications portfolio to SMB and distributed enterprise clients seamlessly,”  Murray said.  “Sangoma's comprehensive range of cloud services, such as UCaaS, CCaaS, managed internet access, and managed SD-WAN, is ideal our customers."

In addition, Telarus and their partners have access to any other IT solutions they may need to run their businesses, thanks to the more than 300 suppliers Telarus works with, underscoring the value of a single source for IT solutions. 

It’s all part of the growing trend in not only the communications market, but the IT market as a whole – businesses want to deal with fewer providers and are increasingly seeking out providers that can offer a comprehensive range of services.  Sangoma's partnership with Telarus is a strategic response to this market demand, positioning Sangoma as a one-stop-shop for businesses' communication needs, coupled with Telarus’ partners who have access to any other IT needs businesses have.

As businesses continue to navigate the modern digital landscape, the demand for robust, integrated, and cost-effective communication solutions will continue to grow.  In this context, these recent developments from Sangoma position the company well for continued growth. 

Edited by Erik Linask
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