Automation, to the Rescue: Granite Telecommunications has Deployed Automation Anywhere's Intelligent Platform

Automation, to the Rescue: Granite Telecommunications has Deployed Automation Anywhere's Intelligent Platform

By Alex Passett

Automation Anywhere is invested in the capabilities of intelligent automation and AI, and how each can empower workforces, strengthen productivities, and drive growth. Automation Anywhere takes pride in helping businesses accelerate cash flows while maintaining compliance and eliminating risks via its finance and accounting services, as well as its customer service, satisfaction and call center automation, the elimination of businesses’ time-consuming IT processes and digital bumps in the road, and much more.

The long-story-short of it, courtesy of Automation Anywhere? A priority for businesses should be to automate manual processes in order to offload repetitive tasks so they can focus on what matters most.

The even longer-story-short of it?

Work smarter, not necessarily harder.

And indeed, businesses are working smarter. Take, for instance, provider of nationwide, fully managed, custom-tailored, and cost-effective business communication solutions, Granite Telecommunications. In Q1 of this year, Automation Anywhere was pleased to announce that it helped Granite save more than $635,000 monthly on manual work. (That’s equivalent to approximately 15,000 total worker hours.) This was achieved after Granite deployed the Automation Success Platform (a.k.a. Automation 360), the cloud-native, AI-powered enterprise platform from Automation Anywhere.

According to Granite, turning to automation vastly improved its day-to-day operations by reducing the manual burden its once-disparate systems had placed on Granite employees.

“Automation Anywhere’s superior learning curve outmatched other tools,” said one rep from Granite.

Within the first nine months of utilizing Automation Anywhere’s platform, Granite was able to deploy more than 80 distinct automations (10 of which were actually created by citizen developers). Since then, employees have embraced their AI co-workers. (i.e. bots they’ve fondle nicknamed Betty, Barbara, Billy and so on)

“Automation has invigorated our teams so they can really focus on more strategic and engaging initiatives,” said Paul Kostas, Vice President of Strategic Infrastructure Management at Granite. “We made it clear that we aren’t replacing any employees with automation; rather, we’re fostering an environment where knowledgeable workers can save time on manual tasks – with the help of our digital workers – so more lucrative projects can be explored.”

Currently, Granite has these digital workers performing document processing for its business quoting team, reconciling accounts receivable for collections, soliciting field technicians, customizing billing reports, batch-ingesting invoices overnight, and extracting and populating spreadsheets.

“In today's turbulent business climate, we're seeing companies deploy intelligent automation to completely transform their business processes, reimagine how work gets done and tackle increasingly complex challenges," said Prince Kohli, Chief Technology Officer at Automation Anywhere. "Granite Telecommunications uses our Automation platform as a foundation for their automation across the entire company, lowering operating costs and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in manual work."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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