Opti9 Offerings Strengthen Veeam Customers' Security Stacks

Opti9 Offerings Strengthen Veeam Customers' Security Stacks

By Greg Tavarez

Technical leaders turn to third-party experts to take ownership of critical layers of their technology stack as organizations' IT systems become increasingly complex. This is particularly evident when it comes to components such as backups and disaster recovery, which need to be resilient in the face of constant changes like the move to hybrid clouds and SaaS, application modernization, software-defined networking, and the growing risks of ransomware and data theft.

To meet these needs, many organizations rely on managed service providers to offer backup and disaster recovery-as-a-service, or BaaS/DRaaS. BaaS offers a flexible, cost-effective, and secure way for businesses to backup and protect their data, while also enabling them to focus on their core business activities. And DRaaS is an essential component of any comprehensive disaster recovery strategy, enabling businesses to recover their IT infrastructure and data quickly and efficiently, while also reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

Knowing malicious attackers target backup and replication tools as well as being a Platinum Veeam Cloud and Services Provider partner and a Veeam Technical Alliance Partner, Opti9 introduced its standalone offerings for Veeam. The offerings are managed services for Veeam Software and its AI-based ransomware detection and remediation tool, Observr.

Observr by Opti9 is a machine learning-powered platform that detects anomalies in the Veeam Backup and Replication infrastructure, such as changes to encryption settings, backup size changes and job modifications. By detecting and predicting potential ransomware attacks, Observr helps prevent them before they occur. The platform offers real-time notifications and flexible API integrations with SIEM and XDR platforms.

Furthermore, Observr automatically air gaps offsite disaster recovery infrastructure in response to threats to ensure a proper recovery environment.

"Observr by Opti9 allows Veeam customers to further strengthen their security posture and ensure their backup and disaster recovery infrastructure is protected via the use of Observr's AI-based anomaly detection,” said Danny Allan, Chief Technology Officer at Veeam.

Now, let’s briefly dive into Opti9’s managed services for Veeam, as well; these allow Veeam customers to hand over the management, monitoring and support of their Veeam infrastructure to Opti9's team of certified experts. Opti9 provides 24/7 proactive management of the Veeam software stack, including upgrades and patching, design and configuration, RPO monitoring, alarm notifications, security and compliance reporting, restore assistance and troubleshooting.

Opti9 also provides access to OptiXdashboard, a hybrid cloud management platform, which offers Veeam-specific real-time and historical data analysis, retention policy violation reports and Observr for ransomware detection and remediation.

"By decoupling our Veeam SaaS tools and managed services from our BaaS and DRaaS offerings, Opti9 can meet customers wherever they are in their hybrid cloud journey," said Sagi Brody, Chief Technology Officer at Opti9. "Customers are free to utilize any clouds, infrastructure providers or owned hardware while still being able to shift management to a trusted partner.

These offerings are a testament to Opti9 leveraging Veeam's feature rich API in an innovative and unique way to address the real security challenges being faced by IT organizations.

Edited by Alex Passett
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