Cybersecurity Essentials: BSA Expands Managed Security Solutions

Cybersecurity Essentials: BSA Expands Managed Security Solutions

By Alex Passett

Bridge Security Advisors (BSA), New Jersey-based cybersecurity consultancy, is focused on delivering next-generation advisements and digital risk management solutions for small and medium businesses and enterprises (SMB/Es). BSA has a history of enabling its clients to protect their people, assets, and abilities to generate profit securely. With clients in a whole bevy of top fields (e.g. technologies, communications, municipalities, business services, healthcare and finance, manufacturing and more), BSA’s portfolio of expert consultative and managed solutions range from cloud security and robust data protection and privacy, to governance risk and compliance (GRC), identity and access management (IAM), ransomware readiness, and zero trust transformations.

In recent news, BSA announced an addition to its Essential Security Solution (ESS): the Managed Security Solution (MSS) offering.

BSA’s MSS is designed to provide SMBs and global enterprises alike with on-demand, customizable cybersecurity-as-a-service solutions at scale. And remember, this is part of the company’s ESS, which includes real-time 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR), as well as threat intelligence under the direction of a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) that provides compliance oversight and guidance.

This vCISO also establishes security strategies and programs that meet all of the unique requirements by which BSA’s clients must abide.

With all of this in place, BSA can enhance businesses’ existing cyber operations while – in that same breath – address capabilities gaps to ensure true cyber resiliency and safe business continuity in the event of a breach.

BSA’s Matthew Tuttle, the company’s CEO, knows that cybersecurity-focused agencies all over the world have documented dramatic increases in the threat landscape and how SMB/Es have been impacted.

“Against accelerated cyberattacks in the landscape,” Tuttle explained, “SMB/Es have been finding themselves under regular cyber assault. This is not acceptable. Boards, shareholders and customers demand organizations improve their security postures.”

“BSA’s MSS, part of our ESS,” Tuttle went on, “delivers immediate benefits for people, processes, and technologies. And, when combined with a 24/7 Security Operations Center, or SOC, risks are lowered and detection becomes heightened and improved. SMB/Es need substantially more value from their IT/IS investments, and our solutions are logical extensions and compliments to the securities business deserve.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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