Mitigate Internal Attacks and Prevent Intrusions Proactively with ManageEngine's Log360

Mitigate Internal Attacks and Prevent Intrusions Proactively with ManageEngine's Log360

By Greg Tavarez

A proactive security strategy is essential for any organization that wants to protect its sensitive data and reputation from an always- evolving threat landscape. By taking a proactive approach to security, organizations better protect themselves and their customers from cyber threats and maintain a strong long-term security posture.

However, to establish a proactive security strategy, organizations need to rely on assessing the risk of network platforms continuously. Risk assessment and management, if and when done right, strengthens enterprise security and prevents hackers from intruding in the network.

Let’s look at active directory, or AD, as an example. AD is often a primary target for adversaries. Continuously assessing AD risks and enhancing its security posture are essential to preventing cyberattacks from happening.

That is why ManageEngine added a security and risk posture management dashboard to Log360, its unified SIEM solution, with integrated DLP and CASB capabilities. ManageEngine is the enterprise IT management division of Zoho. Enterprises rely on ManageEngine's real-time IT management tools to ensure optimal performance of their IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, applications and endpoints.

Log360 detects, prioritizes, investigates and responds to security threats. It combines threat intelligence, machine learning (ML)-based anomaly detection and rule-based attack detection techniques to detect sophisticated attacks, and it offers an incident management console for effectively remediating detected threats.

Log360’s security and risk posture management capabilities provide visibility into AD infrastructure compliance with Microsoft security baselines and accurate detection of weak and risky AD infrastructure configurations and comprehensive security and risk posture calculations.

The security and risk posture management also provide continuous assessments along with AD security posture recommendations to fix loopholes and reduce the risk of being attacked as well as a continuous risk assessment and management dashboard that helps meet stringent compliance requirements with ease.

“Security and risk posture management — a proactive security strategy — is an integral part of many compliance requirements,” said Manikandan Thangaraj, Vice President of ManageEngine. “ManageEngine has augmented its unified SIEM solution with security and risk posture management that allows enterprises to gain visibility into the current risk posture of their network resources.”

With these features, Log360 offers comprehensive protection against account compromise and identity theft and facilitates quick action against potential breaches.

Edited by Alex Passett
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