ConnectWise PSA Enables Enhanced Automated Billing for Perimeter 81 MSPs

ConnectWise PSA Enables Enhanced Automated Billing for Perimeter 81 MSPs

By Greg Tavarez

MSPs rely on Perimeter 81’s cloud-based network security service because it provides an easy-to-use, scalable solution for managing their clients' networks. Eliminating the need for physical hardware, Perimeter 81 allows MSPs to monitor and manage their clients’ networks, trouble shoot issues and provide support all from a single, centralized dashboard.

Shifting to the security side, MSPs ensure the security of their clients’ networks and data through Perimeter 81’s security features that include two-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication.

What Perimeter 81 didn’t offer previously was an automated billing solution. MSPs struggle with billing due to complex billing structures and manual processes. This takes time and pulls MSPs away from completing what matters most.

Now, through a successful integration with ConnectWise, Perimeter 81 MSPs can sync end customer usage with ConnectWise PSA to streamline monthly billing processes. This integration eliminates the need for Perimeter 81 partners to manually update license utilization within ConnectWise PSA, allowing for automated modifications associated with scaling subscriptions.

“We are excited to partner with ConnectWise in an effort to deliver automation and simplified routines for the MSP community,” said Justin Ryhal, Senior Director of Ecosystems and Strategic Alliances at Perimeter 81. “Being an officially certified partner by ConnectWise allows us to offer unmatched flexibility that fuels profitable and long-term scale for partners.”

ConnectWise PSA is a professional services automation software that is designed for MSPs to manage all aspects of their operations from a single, centralized dashboard. Features include cloud billing to help manage and bill for other public cloud services, time-tracking and billing to reduce revenue loss and client skepticism, as well as sales and marketing to generate leads and improve communication with prospects.

“Automation is the path forward to solving challenges in the MSP industry, whether they’re related to process optimization or labor issues,” said Travis Vigneau, Senior Director of Channel Sales and Alliances, ConnectWise. “By automating tasks, especially those around billing processes, MSPs can turn their attention to what matters most – growing and scaling their operations and better serving their customers.”

Automated billing provides MSPs with increased efficiency, improved accuracy, enhanced scalability, better client experience and improved financial management. By automating their billing processes, MSPs save time and resources, improve their cash flow and focus on providing high-quality services to their clients.

Edited by Alex Passett
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