MSP Expo Sponsor: MSPs are the Future of the Technology Industry

MSP Expo Sponsor: MSPs are the Future of the Technology Industry

By Greg Tavarez

Innovative cybersecurity solutions protect against emerging threats and ensure mail security by monitoring emails for malicious attachments, links and content – especially with phishing being more prominent today. This puts the spotlight on managed service providers as they provide the solutions needed to track potential breaches.

Although cybersecurity is the main talking point, and for good reason, MSPs don’t solely focus on cybersecurity. They allow businesses to benefit from the expertise and experience of professionals who understand the complexities that come with the IT world. MSPs provide all the tools, solutions and services needed to keep organizational IT infrastructure in order and function as an extension of the IT department.

Just about all organizations benefit from MSPs, from SMBs to large enterprises, when they are unable to recruit, pay and monitor the work of their IT team. MSPs are forever part of the tech space, and more services will likely arise through innovative solutions. I recently caught up with Steven Frank, supervisor, MSP Field Sales Team, TD SYNNEX, to get his take on the tools MSPs can use to continue their growth and better address the needs of their customers.

TD SYNNEX is a provider of IT products and business process services that offers integration solutions, cloud services, online services, financing services and marketing services. The company, which sits at the center of the technology partner ecosystem, is a Gold sponsor of MSP Expo 2023, taking place February 14-17, 2023, as part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. TD SYNNEX will be in Booth #465 in the exhibit hall.

I had a chance to catch up with Steven ahead of MSP Expo to get his take on the MSP space and what TD SYNNEX offers MSPs as an IT distributor. Here’s what he had to say.

What is your current perception of the Managed Services space?  Why is it such a hot market?

Companies are wanting their entire IT environment to be managed to ensure that they are safe and fully operational, especially in the SMB market where it is critical to limit downtime.

What’s the biggest opportunity for MSPs to increase their revenues and value to their clients?

By increasing the number of services and products they offer to their customers and taking advantage of training and educational resources that TD SYNNEX offers, MSPs can increase revenue and value to their customers.

Steven Frank,
Supervisor, MSP Field Sales Team,

Why are you focused on partnering with MSPs?

MSPs are the future of the technology industry. As the world’s leading IT distributor, we are equipped to assist a managed service provider with everything they need.

Tell us about what you offer MSPs?  How are you helping them better address their customers’ needs?

TD SYNNEX offers a multitude of products and services to MSPs including threat prevention; dedicated support teams; industry resources; a full line card of cloud, security, IoT, unified communications, mobility, professional services and more.

There’s been a lot of talk about an IT talent gap.  Do MSPs have the technical expertise to address their customers’ needs adequately?  If yes, why is there then a misconception regarding talent and, if no, how are you MSPs bridge the gap?

No one person can be the expert in all areas; that’s why TD SYNNEX is here to help educate and bridge the gap. With our technical staff, dedicated team of vendor experts and our training arm, Exit Certified, MSPs have the resources they need to succeed in all areas of their business.

As MSPs look to build their portfolios, they have many vendor options.  Why should they partner with you? 

TD SYNNEX has a robust line card full of all the leading vendors in the industry. Partnering with TD SYNNEX allows for a one-stop shop of all the resources you need and more.

What differentiates your services or solutions from your competitors?

TD SYNNEX offers a full line card of best-in-class technology and services along with our expert resources. We provide customers with everything they need to grow their business.

What kind of support do you offer your MSP partners throughout the partnership lifecycle (e.g., education, training, marketing, technical support, etc.)?

We offer an abundance of resources dedicated to our MSP partners including, but not limited to, the Cloud Marketplace platform, credit and financing options, field services, pre-and post-sales support and Cloud Practice Builder Consulting. We even have a dedicated community, STELLR, that focuses on MSPs and their needs.

Look into your crystal ball and tell us how you see your market and/or the MSP space changing/evolving in the next few years.

We see MSPs continuing to grow and become an even more integral part of our business in the next few years. We will continue to invest in resources to better equip MSPs as they evolve and grow in the market. 

Why are you excited about MSP Expo 2023?  Why should attendees be sure to stop by your booth in the exhibit hall?

We are excited to have the opportunity to meet new MSPs and introduce them to our robust product and services line card.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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