Cyberattack Protection, Detection, and Recovery with SaaS

Cyberattack Protection, Detection, and Recovery with SaaS

By Greg Tavarez

Cybercrime is a consistent threat to businesses worldwide. The task is difficult when IT teams are overstretched and work nonstop to stay ahead of bad actors. The best solutions and technology are needed to minimize the impact of cyber attacks and prevent any downtime in business operations.

To reduce the IT workload and help those teams stay ahead of cyber threats, Jennifer Glenn, research director for information and data security at IDC said integrating data classification and recovery capabilities through a SaaS platform is the answer

A solution that fits that description is DataHawk from Cohesity, a data security SaaS solution that helps customers protect, detect and recover from cyber attacks, including ransomware attacks.

“The key to keeping businesses running is minimizing the impact of a potential breach, bringing data security directly into the operational workflow, securing data at the source and restoring critical workloads rapidly,” said Mohit Aron, founder and chief technology and product officer, Cohesity. “This is what DataHawk is all about.”

DataHawk includes three key capabilities. It incorporates a deep learning-based ransomware detection engine and also provides intelligent threat protection with rapid scanning for anomalies, potential threats and other indicators of a ransomware attack.

DataHawk leverages the classification technology from BigID to quickly assess impact. DataHawk uses the technology to accurately discover and classify large sets of data at scale to help minimize risk, improve their security posture and understand the impact of an attack.

The third capability is cyber vaulting, which provides data recovery and resiliency when it’s needed most. With Cohesity FortKnox, included in DataHawk, customers secure an off-site copy of data in a modern cloud-based cyber vaulting service, where data is kept out of the hands of bad actors through a virtual air gap.

As an additional feature, by leveraging Cohesity’s API-first extensible platform, DataHawk is designed to integrate with SIEM vendors. This includes select vendors joining Cohesity in the Data Security Alliance.

Chris Konrad, of WWT, is well aware of the increasing cyber threats and said confidence is raised against those threats because of the threat protection, detection and recovery capabilities DataHawk brings to the table.

Edited by Erik Linask
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