Hornetsecurity Bolsters Cybersecurity Defenses with Improved Awareness

Hornetsecurity Bolsters Cybersecurity Defenses with Improved Awareness

By Greg Tavarez

Phishing emails are one of the most common ways bad actors get into corporate networks and into a company’s confidential information. In fact, Hornetsecurity’s 2022 Ransomware Report found that 60% of attacks came from phishing attempts.

Take that stat and think about the times a company-wide email was sent out from the IT team to be on the lookout for a suspicious email. More often than one would think, right? And sometimes that IT email is sent out too late, and an employee already opened the provided link.

Yes, human error is a thing. A majority of the time, it comes down to awareness, or lack of it, rather. That is why Hornetsecurity, knowing that phishing attempts are on the rise, launched a security awareness training program to raise employee awareness and help counter cyberattacks.

Hornetsecurity’s automated training, which is designed to not be maintenance-intensive for customers, uses an awareness engine that is the technological heart of the security awareness product. With it, each user will receive as much training as necessary.

The awareness training simulates sophisticated attacks with its patented spear phishing engine. The engine uses various psychological manipulation factors, publicly available company data and employee-related information. With the simulation, there are different levels of difficulty and sophistication and fully automated and controlled simulations.

The automated awareness training will also use Hornetsecurity’s industry-wide benchmark, the Employee Security Index, to constantly measure and compare the organization’s and employees’ security behavior.

"With cyberattacks on the rise, it’s increasingly important for organizations to implement a cybersecurity ecosystem that includes education and robust email security functionality for prevention as well as back up for recovery,” said Daniel Hofmann, Hornetsecurity CEO. “Our new offering specifically supports and guards against very human vulnerabilities to phishing and other cyber risks."

The new training from Hornetsecurity is available vie subscription licensing, as a standalone service or as an addition to Hornetsecurity’s email security services, such as 365 Total Protection. The training highlights the individual’s importance in establishing an organization’s human firewall and how essential each employee is in corporate cybersecurity from prevention to protection to response and recovery.

Edited by Erik Linask
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