ColorTokens to Tackle Cyberattack Damage Prevention Challenge with Zinfinity


ColorTokens to Tackle Cyberattack Damage Prevention Challenge with Zinfinity

By Greg Tavarez

While there are many motivations for cyber attacks, many hackers are motivated purely by the promise of financial gain. Whether through direct money theft, stealing data, business disruption, successful cyber attacks inflicted $6 trillion in damages globally in 2021, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. To put that into perspective, cybercrime would be third behind the U.S. and China if measured as a national economy.

The numbers will continue to rise, likely toward the $10 trillion range, unless measures are taken to address how organizations can prevent damage when attackers get in. That is why autonomous zero trust cybersecurity solutions provider ColorTokens partnered with Zinfinity, a multi-faceted technology solutions provider and advisory. Zinfinity seeks to empower its customers to deliver positive business outcomes leveraging the latest technology and strategies.  A big part of that today must include cyber security.

ColorTokens simplifies, accelerates and automates security operations to defend against attacks on data centers, hybrid models, cloud-based applications, dynamic applications, endpoints, individual users, devices with its Xtended Zero Trust Platform. ColorTokens’ approach gives organizations 360-degree visualization, micro-segmentation and complete enforcement of their environment within weeks.

"ColorTokens brings visibility into cyberattacks targeting the end-point, perimeter or the cloud,” said Mukesh Singh, vice president of sales, Americas at ColorTokens. “Simplicity offered by ColorTokens enable Zinfinity to deliver an improved security posture to their customers. This is crucial as cyberattacks continue to occur at a rapidly increasing pace."

Zinfinity knows that all organizations are at risk of cyberattacks, and organizations need to have a plan in place for the next cyberattack they face. It is imperative that organizations are familiar with the necessary steps to take when an attack does occur to limit the damage and secure their organizations. 

"At Zinfinity, we realized we must add a zero trust and micro-segmentation leader to our portfolio of solutions and sought to find a market disruptor with exceptional solutions," said Joe Barrett, CEO at Zinfinity. "Security is at the forefront of our go-to-market strategy."

Combining their solutions and platforms, ColorTokens and Zinfinity will continue to innovate new solutions and keep security a top priority in the technological world, no matter the industry.

Edited by Erik Linask

MSPToday Editor

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