Percona Unveils Kubernetes Operator and Expanded Services


Percona Unveils Kubernetes Operator and Expanded Services

By Luke Bellos

Open source software/service company Percona has announced the release of Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL, as well as additional managed services to support this new resource.

As businesses continue to incorporate the latest advancements in business technology, the need to properly scale and fine-tune performance is becoming an important task. This is particularly true for open-source data management platform PostgreSQL, which has risen in popularity among enterprise level IT departments. However, adopters of open-source tech are having difficulties finding adequate staff to manage infrastructure.

"Companies are growing rapidly yet find it difficult to attract and hire qualified candidates in today’s labor market, especially around areas like databases” said Nick Herring, Director of Managed Services at Percona. “These teams need help transitioning from what worked fine for a few customers to operating those database instances at scale. Percona Managed Services provides the expertise and experience to support those specific deployment needs, so application deployments can run successfully and operating costs can be controlled,"

The Percona Kubernetes Operator solution now offers the following new capabilities:

  • Create a Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL environment with no single point of failure, spanning multiple regions or availability zones
  • Scale clusters up or down by changing the size parameter to add or remove members of the cluster
  • Automate backups by configuring pgBackRest backups to run on a scheduled basis and support simple restores
  • Provide point-in-time recovery, allowing teams to roll back the cluster to a specific time, transaction ID, or recovery point.
  • Automate cluster recovery from node failure.
  • TLS encryption and support for private data registries to enhance security.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, MSPToday

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