IBASEt Announces Managed Services Offerings


IBASEt Announces Managed Services Offerings

By Luke Bellos

Software company IBASEt recently announced the release of a new deployment solution, with the objective of simplifying complex infrastructure for digital operations.

Solumina ISeries, the company’s new managed services offering, limits the amount of upfront hardware costs that can often be necessary to install new cloud infrastructure and similar technologies. Typical infrastructural upgrades often require massive costs , which ultimately causes headaches for company leaders as they struggle with justifying the cost of these projects.

"For iBASEt, part of the strategy in migrating Solumina to a cloud-native microservices architecture was to introduce innovative capabilities more frequently, faster, and with no noticeable disruption to our customers. Our entire business is designed to reduce the complexity and burden on the business owner's shoulders and help them recognize the power of the cloud," said Sung Kim, Chief Technology Officer, iBASEt.

IBASEt developers sought to separate the company from competing brands, by creating a managed service option curated to the specific needs of each business, without piling on additional costs and unnecessary resources. Along with a simplified deployment strategy, Solumina ISeries provides resources for improved scalability, greater operational flexibility, and allows easier infrastructural upgrades over time. Customers also have the option of deploying Soluminia on-premise, through the cloud, or as a hybrid model.

Kim added, "A managed services environment significantly accelerates the time-to-value of a Solumina iSeries investment while gathering and providing the necessary data to make fast, accurate decisions across manufacturing operations."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, MSPToday

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