Google Cloud Partners Team Up For

By Luke Bellos

Google Cloud will be receiving assistance from two of the company’s leading cloud partners, SADA and Appsbroker, to create a new website dedicated specifically for job postings related to Google’s Cloud Partner Ecosystem. Demand for cloud services has increased dramatically over the past year, and Google’s cloud partners are actively looking to fill a large number of roles to meet the growing needs of Google’s massive customer base.

The new website,, will act as a portal and job board for interested applicants. By creating a website solely for the purposes of cloud services, SADA and Appsbroker believe that it will accelerate the hiring process and bring top-tier candidates to the forefront.  The company is specifically searching for qualified workers who have used, sold, supported or implemented Google Cloud infrastructure in the past.

“We’ve known for a long time that a potential impediment to our growth would be our ability to find and hire the top Google Cloud and cloud computing talent,”  commented SADA CEO Tony Safoian,“We are growing so rapidly, we literally have openings in every department, from sales and marketing to engineering. is a great way for SADA and every other Google Cloud partner to grow its business and support companies worldwide that are pursuing Google Cloud-based digital transformation.”

Both SADA and Appsbroker will share the full responsibility of creating, developing, and marketing the website, but will not be a part of the hiring process. The website will be free to use from now until the end of June 2021. Starting July 1st, partners of the website will be charged a $5,000 participating fee for one year, which will be designated funds for the website’s maintenance.

“ was an idea developed with SADA to help attract the best talent to the Google Cloud ecosystem. It’s been great fun working with SADA on this initiative. I’d like to think in a few years’ time that there will be thousands of talented people who have found their dream job in the Google Cloud ecosystem as a direct result of our endeavors,” said Mike Conner, Founder & CEO of Appsbroker Limited.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, MSPToday

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