NST Acquires Certus Technologies

By Special Guest
Stuart R. Crawford

Effective January 1st, 2021, New York-based Network Solutions & Technology (NST) has acquired the New Jersey-based Certus Technologies, providing NST a physical presence in New Jersey.  This acquisition will give NST a total of four offices (Long Island, New York, New Jersey, and Tennessee) to deliver their top-rated IT services.

“I think one of the things that really attracted Certus to NST was the organization’s similar beliefs and values, in addition to the similar technology stack,” said Matt Brown, NST VP, in an interview about the merger on The MSP Show. “We’re excited to have them aboard.”

Unlike many companies chasing mergers and acquisitions, NST isn’t in the business of acquiring smaller organizations whenever the opportunity presents itself. After seven acquisitions in two decades, the NST team has learned to look for companies with similar cultures and models, whose teams would complement their own, and whose clients would benefit from what they have to offer.

That’s why Certus Technologies Principals’ Ron Buesing and Evan Berk believe so strongly in this acquisition. They recognized a kindred culture at NST, both in how they treat their staff members and how they serve their clients. Furthermore, NST presented the opportunity for Certus Technologies to access proven processes and an economy of scale that would have been inordinately resource-intensive for them to develop independently.

“A real key thing here was culture,” said Evan. “We feel comfortable that the two groups have very similar cultures not just when it comes to employees, but customers as well. That gave us the comfort level to pull the trigger.”

In short, this acquisition is a win-win for both organizations and their newly combined network of clients. NST is augmenting both their team and their client base as they further expand their service offering. Certus Technologies is gaining a new economy of scale without sacrificing its identity or culture in the process.

“We were not looking to lose our team, our identity, our customer base,” says Evan. “We want to be involved for years to come, and we wanted to feel comfortable that the culture was right.”

In a letter sent on January 15th to newly acquired Certus clients, Matt, along with Buesing and Berk, pledged assurance to the merits of the “outstanding” acquisition, which was handled in-house via NST, as opposed to a contracted private equity firm. Said the prepared statement regarding the merger, “similar values and matched technologies will ensure a smooth transition and integration for both team members and clients alike. NST offers additional services that will expand current offerings, including Physical Security Solutions, Web Development, Management, and Telephony.”  With the completion of the Certus acquisition, NST will now have 75 employees and over 500 clients and will continue to seek new acquisition opportunities in Philadelphia, Boston, and beyond.

“We’re always going to look for somebody that fits our model and fits the technology we use,” says Matt. “Culture is extremely important, and we want to make sure that the two organizations are going to integrate and work well together.”

Founded in 2001 as a Long Island and New York City Technology Solution Provider, Network Solutions & Technology is a privately held, privately owned company that has proven a valued asset for small to midsize businesses. NST’s expertise in modern cloud technologies, security services, and regulatory compliance provides a competitive advantage that extends across a myriad of industries, including healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and legal & professional services.

For more information about NST and their new reach as a result of the Certus merger, visit, email, or call 877-678-8080.

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