CoreDial Launches Certification Program to Drive Contact Center Opportunity for Partners

CoreDial Launches Certification Program to Drive Contact Center Opportunity for Partners

By Erik Linask

A little over a year ago, CoreDial added to its cloud communications portfolio by adding a CCaaS platform to its private label hosted offering.  Supplementing its CoreNexa UCaaS platform, the CoreNexa contact center platform brings a full cloud-based customer experience solution to its partners and their customers.  The omni-channel solution integrates voice, live chat, SMS, email, IVR, presence, and CRM integration into a holistic customer experience environment allowing CoreDial partners to upsell to existing CoreNexa UCaaS customers, but also to target new opportunities outside the CoreDial user base.

According to CoreDial’s Chief Revenue Officer Ken Lienemann, the contact center platform has performed well in its first year:  “The pipeline continues to grow and all the indicators are positive.”

But, he does acknowledge that contact center comes with more complexity that a UC platform that brings an additional level of sophistication to the sales and implementation process.  Recognizing that its channel partners are going to need help as they start selling and deploying the contact center platform – CoreDial runs the majority of its business through the channel – it has launched a formal certification program for CoreNexa Contact Center

CoreDial has built its business on the premise that its partners want to own the customer relationships – it’s a profitable model for partners and much more scalable for CoreDial.  With the CoreNexa Contact Center Certification Program, the idea is the provide training on product features, selling, configuration, support and everything else that goes into owning customer relationships, as opposed to an agent model.

“It’s about helping them understand how to market, how to qualify opportunities, how to align the solution to meet customers’ business needs, and how to support those customers over time,” said Lienemann.  “They want to own the customers and have asked us how to sell and deliver the platform on their own, without having to come to us for help each time.”

The program is open to CoreDial partners who achieve certain qualification criteria, including having the right technical proficiency to deliver the solution and demonstrating an overall desire to build or grow their contact center businesses autonomously.  While there is no cost to the program, Lienemann points out that most channel partners have very limited resources and their willingness to commit some of them to this extensive certification program is an investment on their part.

For partners, their investment will pay off in their ability to effectively sell contact center solutions on their own, having full control over their customer relationships and experiences, and earning higher margins and more revenue.

On the CoreDial side, while the number of certified partners is one obvious measure of the success of the program, partner feedback has always been a key success gauge for CoreDial – and one of the motivations for launching the program.  Revenue and contact center seats sold is, of course, another evaluation mechanism, but may be hard to relate back to the certification program.

“The ultimate measuring stick will be contact center seat growth compared to amount of commitment we have to do to win that business,” says Lienemann.  “Our Utopia is to have all our qualified partners certified, so they can run their businesses on their own.”

CoreDial has a sizable partner base already selling contact center solutions looking to become more independent.  That’s the low-hanging fruit.  But, the certification program will also help CoreDial on-board those partners that want move into the contact center business, but have no experience with it.

It’s a market that’s ripe with opportunity and there’s still a lot of evangelism to be done.  CoreDial sells primarily into the small-to-midsize enterprise space and while some have recognized contact center needs, many have traditionally not viewed themselves as needing contact center solutions.  Recognizing that, CoreDial has also launched periodic initiatives focusing in educating its partners on integrating the contact center platform into point solutions targeting specific verticals and small businesses.

“There is real impact to leveraging this kind of solution for as little as five people and we have gotten much better at helping our channel partners,” Lienemann says.  “The contact center solution is fairly deep and wide so a lot of we do is focus on point solutions the platform can address.”

Whether it’s a real estate business, doctor’s office, insurance firm, waste management company, or any other non-traditional contact center target, every business has customer-facing needs that are well-served by contact center solution.  CoreDial’s certification and other training programs will help identify those opportunities for its partners and enable them to sell to and manage those customers – as well as traditional contact center businesses.

“We’re confident this initiative will transform the CCaaS space and translate to accelerated sales, more revenue, higher margins, and even stickier customer relationships for our partners,” said CoreDial CEO Alan Rihm.

New opportunities for managed service providers and other channel partners will be highlighted in the conference program at MSP Expo 2020, taking place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Part of the TechSuperShow experience at ITEXPO 2020, MSP Expo will bring together industry thought leaders and vendors to discuss how channel partners can excel in their highly competitive markets and how they can build new revenue streams.  CoreDial is a Platinum sponsor of MSP Expo and will be on hand in booth #520 to talk about its CoreNexa UCaaS and CCaaS platforms, and how new and existing partners can leverage its private label model to maximize profits. 

Edited by Erik Linask
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