VMware Releases New CSP Revenue Driver


VMware Releases New CSP Revenue Driver

By Steve Anderson

It would seem like being a communications service provider (CSP) these days might be the ultimate in money-making propositions. A huge market demanding an equally huge slate of services makes for a great opportunity. The problem is, that point isn't lost on a lot of companies in the field, which means CSPs have a lot of competition to account for. VMware is aware of this, and is bringing out its new AirWatch managed services platform to give CSPs a vital leg up in the field.

VMware's AirWatch system, now available as a managed service as part of the VMware vCloud Air network, gives users access to a slate of different services in a bid to help drive new revenue options. One of the biggest features of this package is the AirWatch enterprise mobility management (EMM) tool, a leader in its market that allows for management of a variety of devices.

Additionally, the VMware system boasts the ability to offer volume discounts based on established spending commitments, consolidated billing functions, chargeback details, rapid-scale deployment and scaling to meet needs on the ground—and without the need to invest in large-scale data center operations—and a variety of other options that helps businesses not only keep a better handle on expenses, but also improve the chances to realize revenue.

VMware's senior vice president and general manager for end-user computing Sumit Dhawan commented, “AirWatch managed services through the vCloud Air Network MSP offering alleviates the cost and time of deploying and managing your own managed services environment for mobility management services, enabling AirWatch partners to focus on adding more value to their customers by essentially outsourcing their entire mobility management application stack, freeing customers to focus on their business while receiving support from their trusted mobility advisor.”

A growing number of competitors in communications means that each will have to work harder to present greater value to potential customers and thus pull in a larger share of the market. That's where tools like VMware's lineup make so much sense for CSPs, as it's a fairly easy way to offer a slate of new options that many others in the field may not be able to match immediately. Of course, it's also an open invitation for other competitors to add similar services and negate that advantage fairly quickly. So while VMware's systems may be a competitive edge, such may not be an edge for long, meaning companies will likely need to plot the next move almost immediately after getting this one in place.

Still, even a short-term win makes these systems well worth looking into while planning the next key point that will differentiate one CSP from another in the field.

Edited by Alicia Young

Contributing Writer

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