F5 Chassis Delivering on-demand scalability with ScaleN

By Frank Griffin

As cloud computing continues to improve and emerge as a viable solution to on premises infrastructure, more organizations are implementing software-as-a-service (SaaS), Infrastructure- as-a-service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and more. This has allowed small companies to compete with larger organizations because of the new resources made available with cloud technology. One of the companies that delivers the platform to provide cloud solutions is F5 Networks, which helps organizations scale cloud, data center, and software defined networking (SDN) deployments so they can deliver applications seamlessly to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

The company has announced an improvement to its VIPRION product line by adding a new two-slot VIPRION 2200 chassis that combines F5 ScaleN and Clustered Multiprocessing capability to give organizations providing application services the ability to address issues of performance and scalability.

According to the company, this new improvement has resulted in customers reporting the ability to consolidate services and reducing costs while at the same time effectively supporting the growth of the organization.

Just like other F5 solutions this design delivers an open, extensible framework along with an ecosystem with leading technology and data center orchestration for vendors that lets customers select the infrastructure model that best fits their organization over time.

Cloud solutions are being recognized for delivering on-demand scaling, consolidation and resource flexibility without disruption and that is how the VIPRION 2200 and F5’s high performance services fabric support applications is designed.

VIPRION 2200 offers enterprises high-traffic mission critical web applications with application delivery capabilities including:

  • 160 G of L7 throughput and 4 million L7 requests per second (RPS)
  • 72 Gbps of SSL bulk crypto throughput – 2x the closest competitor
  • 80 Gbps of hardware compression – 5x the closest competitor
  • Accelerated hardware DDoS protection against over 50 attacks
  • Up to 40 high performance virtual BIG-IP guests (and up to 1280 instances in a 32-device cluster) with compelling price-per-instance savings over other appliance offerings
  • “We see customers supporting a growing number of applications with a variety of physical, virtual, and cloud-based solutions. With the 2200, organizations can add scalable processing power in an appliance form factor, while maintaining the ability to upgrade systems on demand. In addition, with ScaleN and the F5 Synthesis™ architecture model, customers choosing to deploy hardware and software together can easily combine resources from each within a unified services delivery fabric,” said Karl Triebes, EVP of Product Development and CTO at F5.

ScaleN allows F5 an efficient, elastic, and multi-tenant application delivery fabric with any architectural model including traditional data centers, clouds or hybrid environments. The F5 platform delivers superior performance with 20Tbps thorough put, 320M connections per second, 9.2B concurrent connections, 2,560 multi-tenant virtual instances and 32 device service clusters.

The three scaling models the F5 ScaleN enables include: Application Scaling with all-active service clustering; Operational Scaling with multi-tenancy and virtualization on shared hardware; and on-demand scaling.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Contributing Writer

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