3SCALE Promotes API Rollout in the Cloud with API Proxy for AWS

By Laura Stotler

3SCALE is making it easier to quickly deploy application programming interfaces (APIs) in the cloud with the launch of its new 3SCALE API Proxy on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new offering helps developers quickly and easily protect their APIs with a proxy and integrates with 3SCALE’s API management platform solution through an API gateway.

The company is working to build a full-service offering promoting mass market production of APIs. Service providers and developers often have to complete a number of complicated steps to operate an API proxy, which can slow down the configuration process for launching APIs in the cloud. The 3SCALE API Proxy simplifies that process, enabling users to introduce their API details on the company’s platform and automatically generate the required configuration for APIs on AWS.

“As APIs become more common, customers need easier and faster ways of bringing them to market and engage with their audiences,” said Steve Willmott, CEO of 3SCALE. “The introduction of the 3SCALE API Proxy on AWS provides a seamless way to get the power of 3SCALE’s infrastructure for cloud-based APIs, as well as an easy way to integrate with it - all while taking full advantage of the latest technologies for API management. This will help bring APIs to an even broader audience and expand their impact, accelerating the API Economy.”

A recent Forbes article discusses the importance of the API market and how it is directly driving the cloud computing marketplace. “The critical message here is that without good a good governance and service/API management strategy, your cloud project is likely to fail, no matter if you’re using someone else’s cloud or building your own,” said David Lithicum in an Infoworld blog post. “Governance approaches and governance technology, in one shape or another, are critical to the success of cloud computing — period.”

Noah Doyle, managing director of Javelin Ventures, which is a 3Scale investor, commented, “Analysts see the API market growing five to ten times over the next five years.” APIs are largely shaping the future of the Internet and the cloud with more and more applications being hosted as cloud services and distributed among a variety of mobile devices. And companies like 3Scale and competitors like Mashery, Apigee and Layer 7 are making it easy for developers to roll out their APIs on a number of cloud platforms, leveling the cloud infrastructure and IaaS playing field to a certain degree.

In 3SCALE’s case, its new proxy and management platform integration offer a variety of benefits for API developers, including rate limits, statistics, monitoring and analytics, dynamic documentation and a developer portal. The solution also enables high performance with zero latency as integrated with AWS. And for APIs hosted elsewhere, the offering provides AWS as an independent proxy for customers’ own hosted infrastructure.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

MSPToday Contributing Editor

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