Remembering Hurricane Sandy: INetU Allowed for The Systems Group to Remain in Operation during Superstorm Crisis

By Ed Silverstein

Hurricane Sandy left a path of destruction last year. In New York City alone there were deaths, injuries, widespread power failures, subway tunnel flooding and 150,000 homes damaged.

The technology infrastructure was seriously impacted, too. Cell service was out for many customers in the region. Data centers were damaged, as well. In the end, 10 percent of the networks in the New York area went offline, according to Renesys. And some 25 percent of cell phone towers were offline from electricity outages, storm-related damage or the inability to have enough generator gasoline or adequate battery back-up power, MSPToday said. New Jersey and Connecticut saw similar destruction.

But there were some inspiring anecdotes where technology companies survived and continued to provide service. One instance is with The Systems Group based in New Jersey. The company set up a server in INetU Managed Hosting, an Allentown, Pa., data center, providing managed cloud and dedicated hosting for mission-critical applications, two days before Hurricane Sandy. The timing was a lifesaver. Without this step, it could have been down for up to a month rather than being able to service their business in the aftermath of the storm.

"INetU saved our business in a critical way when Hurricane Sandy hit,” Scott Anthony, manager of Information Systems at The Systems Group, recalled in a statement. "Without INetU, we could have lost major client confidence."

Looking back, Anthony stressed the importance of planning for contingencies. "Disaster planning was always something top-of-mind for us, and we were lucky to find a partner in INetU that we could rely on. Not only that, our project cycles are much faster, and the IT support provided by INetU is unmatched. They truly are a part of our team," Anthony said.

There are other companies, too, that found security and safety from INetU during the storm. INetU provides solutions for mission-critical fields such as e-Commerce, financial services, healthcare and Software as a Service (SaaS.)

"Keeping our clients up and running is a crucial part of our business," Dev Chanchani, CEO of INetU, explained in the statement. "Our relationships with our customers go above and beyond being a hosting vendor. We are a partner in their business success. This is why companies like The Systems Group trust INetU with their mission critical applications and data." In fact, because of the benefits during after the hurricane, The Systems Group has moved its business more into the cloud via INetU support.

With the winter season soon to hit, and storms hitting much of the United States even late this fall, other companies may find INetU also to be a much-needed partner.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

MSPToday Contributor

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