Avaya Launches Consulting Services to Help Businesses Accelerate Cloud Communications


Avaya Launches Consulting Services to Help Businesses Accelerate Cloud Communications

By Erin Harrison

Cloud communications provider Avaya has rolled out new consulting services with the intent of helping businesses develop a more strategic, operational plan for utilizing cloud collaboration services.

The new consulting services address technologies impacting enterprise communications today, including cloud solutions, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technologies, network security and self-service automation – and help remove the complexity and minimize the risk associated with adopting advanced collaboration for improved business results, according to Sanjeev Gupta, general manager of Avaya Healthcare.

“More and more of our customers are considering cloud communications services.  In fact 47 percent of customers surveyed by Avaya are planning or evaluating cloud communication strategies,” Gupta told MSPToday in a recent interview. “Avaya strategic consulting – part of a global professional services organization consisting of approximately 1,500 specialists – can effectively guide these customers, helping them determine their specific strategy and options for their individual businesses. These services are beneficial to anyone considering managed services, or public, private and hybrid cloud offers.”

The onset of cloud computing has played a significant role in advancing Avaya’s business model, Gupta said.

“Our business model continues to allow Avaya to provide superior communications and collaboration technology to customers of any size and industry. We provide the solution based on our customer’s unique business requirements, based on premise equipment, Avaya managed services or cloud delivery,” Gupta explained. “Our flexible business model provides our customers with greater choice in selecting the most appropriate delivery model to satisfy their requirements.”

In addition, cloud computing has allowed Avaya’s customers to procure services on an on-demand basis via a subscription model.

“It has also expanded our reach and enhanced our ability to address needs of small and medium customers and certain verticals which are embracing cloud solutions more aggressively, such as government and education.”

Avaya’s new consulting services are designed to help businesses drive the most value from cloud communications investments by working with customers to develop objectives that are aligned to multiple cloud strategic options. 

“We help customer evaluate whether they are looking for a Managed (effectively private cloud but managed by Avaya) offer or a public (or hybrid) cloud offer via a service provider. Once the customer has made the decision to cloud,  we will work with them to ensure they can integrate the communications solutions with rest of the applications that may be in the cloud or on premise to enhance customer workflows. These services will help customers make the right choice through a thorough evaluation of their business model and objectives aligned to multiple cloud strategic options,” Gupta said. “The result is a maximization of their future investment and better assurance that it meets their stated needs.”

Looking ahead, Avaya plans to launch contact center as a service along with a more comprehensive video as a service offerings that will help customers consume these services on a subscription model sometime in the next 12 months.

“We anticipate larger industry innovation that can help our customers, including improved cloud security solutions that will enable customers to use hybrid and public cloud solutions more effectively.”

Edited by Alice Koganova

Executive Editor, Cloud Computing

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