Backup is Front and Center at VaultLogix

By Rory J. Thompson

With recent weather phenomena taking its toll on homes and businesses alike, more companies are looking to the cloud as a secure source for backing up their pertinent data. Yet many don’t have the time or interest in a huge undertaking; they prefer a quick, secure solution with minimum interruption to their operation. And that’s when VaultLogix steps in with its online backup offering for SMBs.

Online backup, sometimes referred to as remote backup or offsite data backup, allows companies to back up data to a remote, offsite location over existing Internet bandwidth. This gives an SMB the ability to implement a data-protection strategy that includes offsite storage of a data without requiring physical transportation of the data from your location to another remote storage location. Instead, you define your backup schedule, and the backup software will encrypt and send the data to a secure data center instantly, giving you easy offsite data protection.

“We’ve been in business for about 10 years,” said VaultLogix President and CEO, Tim Hannibal. “We’ve been offering backup service since then, via the cloud. We sell it as a service, and as a simple, monthly recurring cost.”

What that means is VaultLogix can restore data through the client’s software from local backup to vault backup.

“With us, you can use any Web-enabled device to access your data and restore it remotely,” Hannibal said.

The benefits of such simplicity are obvious, but they don’t end there.

“We deploy a small client at a customer location, which works agentlessly,” Hannibal said. “There are no installs on their machines needed; we can back up their servers without installing software, and can also update remotely. Our software updates automatically, and if you use our vaults you can back up locally, on site, at no extra charge.”

With more companies taking advantage of VaultLogix’ offerings, the company is raising the ante.

“We’re offering a new appliance-based solution in the coming months,” Hannibal said. “It will give our clients the ability to have a private cloud; we’ll be mirroring our vaults to a secondary location.”

VaultLogix appears to be on the right track. The company won Ingram Micros’ “Cloud Vendor of the Year” award recently, and just completed partnerships with two more remote monitoring companies.

Hannibal is confident his company will exceed all expectations.

“We’ve got a mature business here, having been in business longer than our competition,” he said. “That, coupled with our financial stability, helps us stand out from the crowd.”

Edited by Blaise McNamee
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