SkyKick Launches Application Suite to Help MSPs Facilitate Office 365 Migrations


SkyKick Launches Application Suite to Help MSPs Facilitate Office 365 Migrations

By Erin Harrison

SkyKick, which makes a migration application that helps small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) move to Office 365 without any associated complexity, has launched a new application suite for system integrators, MSPs and other IT partners that is designed to automate Office 365 migration projects.

The Seattle-based startup, which has raised more than $3.7 million to date, claims that a typical 25-seat Office 365 SMB project requires an average of 40 hours of partner effort – from sales through project completion. SkyKick takes what is typically a two- to six-week project and makes it more scalable and transactional, according to SkyKick Co-CEO Evan Richman.

“E-mail migrations involve hundred of project tasks, for all the permutation of customer scenarios that can exist, for thousands of different e-mail systems in the SMB space,” explained a recent SkyKick blog post. “That’s the technology challenge the team has tackled, and that’s the partner pain we’ve addressed with the release of the SkyKick Application Suite.”

In the last year, SkyKick has helped move thousands of SMBs to Office 365 while in beta, and is now available to all IT partners. The platform helps partners to improve sales velocity, reduce project risk and simplify the management of the migration project, according to SkyKick Co-CEO Todd Schwartz.

“To help partners move millions of SMBs to the cloud we tackled a huge technology challenge – how do we automate hundreds of project tasks, accounting for all the permutations of customer scenarios, and the thousands of different email systems that exist with SMBs,” Schwartz explained in a statement. “The SkyKick platform is designed to simplify that complexity at scale. We built a powerful engine under the hood, and an elegant interface on top – kind of like search. The result is the SkyKick Application Suite which simplifies migration projects so partners can sell more Office 365, with less effort and risk, while providing a superior experience for their customers.”

The SkyKick Application Suite cloud-based migration project solution is made up of three core products that work together to move the business to Office 365, which are the following:

  1. Web Planner: An online sales, assessment, planning, configuration, and project management application designed to help partners streamline the migration planning process.
  2. Migration Sync: An online service that moves the customer's account and user information; e-mail server data like e-mail, calendar, contacts, aliases, distribution groups and other data, as well as the required DNS settings.
  3. Outlook Assistant: A client app that addresses many of the last-mile challenges that make or break the overall migration experience. It configures Outlook and moves client-side data to reduce the friction and frustration for end-users, and reduces post-migration support for partners.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

Executive Editor, Cloud Computing

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