TeleCommunication Systems Earns Several Cisco Certifications

By Robbie Pleasant

TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. knows how to work with Cisco, and has made this clear by once again achieving Cisco Master Service Provider and Silver Certified Partner Certifications. This recognizes TCS for its expertise and investments in cloud and managed services, as well as its ability to sell and deliver said services to help speed up time to market and revenue.

The Cisco Master Service Provider Certification is designed to help partners create and sell cloud and managed services. The Cisco Silver Certification also indicates that TCS has met the requirements in Cisco advanced specializations, such as Advance Security and Cisco Express Unified Communications, and that it can integrate Cisco Lifecycle Services into its offerings.

Now that TCS is a Cisco Master Service Provider Certified Partner, several of its cloud or managed services will have “Cisco Powered” designations, built on the IT Infrastructure Library framework. It will also provide enhanced management and stewardship practices, helping its customers ensure that their services are always working at optimum efficiency.

Not only that, but TCS has renewed its Cisco Powered services designation. This allows customers to minimize technology lifecycle complexity, thus reducing cost, risk, and time spent waiting to connect and get more value out of their services. Should there be any issues, Cisco and its partners offer service, security, and support at all times.

"Cisco's requirements for their certifications are rigorous and reflect their status as a leading technology company,” says Michael Bristol, senior VP and general manager of TCS’ Government Solutions Group. “Thus, being able to once again achieve the Silver and Master Service Provider certifications, as well as the Cisco Powered Network designation, confirms that we are using our skills, processes and capabilities to successfully meet our customers' high standards with our secure and customizable solutions."

TeleCommunications Systems has proven itself time and time again, earning certification from Cisco each time. This not only stands as a testament to the company’s ability, but also provides it with several new resources, services, and support to ensure that its customers receive the best cloud and managed services the company can offer. TCS’s customers can be confident that they’re getting services where quality is assured, and benefits are soon to follow.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

MSPToday Contributor

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