CloudByte Unveils Beta Version of ElastiStor 1.1 QoS-Configurable Storage Solution


CloudByte Unveils Beta Version of ElastiStor 1.1 QoS-Configurable Storage Solution

By Laura Stotler

Enterprise storage provider CloudByte Inc. has launched the beta version of its ElastiStor 1.1 solution for "new-age data centers" that host hundreds of applications and diverse workloads. The offering features QoS-configurable storage endpoints and on-demand storage provisioning, enabling costs savings as well as simplified management for enterprises and communication managed service providers (MSPs).

ElastiStor enables each storage LUN to be configured by capacity, IOPS, throughput and latency, allowing applications with diverse workloads to have guaranteed QoS directly from a shared storage platform. When used with linear scaling, a single extensible shared storage platform from ElastiStor may replace the dedicated storage islands of legacy solutions.

The offering enables un-fragmenting of storage islands and optimal utilization of resources, and also requires a low storage footprint which can result in 80 to 90 percent cost savings in as little as three years. ElastiStor also provides storage provisioning as a service through intelligent automation of node selection and resource allocation based on an individual application's performance demands.

Additional features include the ability to cluster with hundreds of applications across multiple sites, which may be managed from a single, web-based console. Administrators may monitor, manage and control storage resource usage at application-level granularity within shared storage as well.

The announcement comes at an interesting time, since Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced IOPS guarantees. Competing MSPs and communications providers are now seeking a cost-effective way to also guarantee IOPS as well as throughput and latency for performance-sensitive applications.

CloudByte founder and CTO, Felix Xavier, recently moved to the company's Campbell, CA office to head U.S. operations. The company also worked with NetApp on storage array based data protection, helping to drive innovations for its product suite. CloudByte is focusing on driving ElastiStor sales in North America, and recently hired sales architects and engineers from NetApp.

"We're delighted to launch the next-generation storage product by baking in advanced technologies of virtualization and software-defined intelligence," said Felix Xavier, CTO and founder, CloudByte. "At CloudByte, we are constantly working towards making storage a lot more intelligent, flexible, fully shared, easily manageable, and ready to handle thousands of applications and their varying performance demands with a single click."

Edited by Brooke Neuman

MSPToday Contributing Editor

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