Aveksa Adds SSO Capabilities to Cloud Identity and Access Management Platform


Aveksa Adds SSO Capabilities to Cloud Identity and Access Management Platform

By Erin Harrison

Cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) platform provider Aveksa, Inc. has added Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities to MyAccessLive, Aveksa’s cloud-based identity and access management software.

SSO provides enterprises convenience in terms of enabling users to sign on just once in order to access multiple applications.

There have been some claims that SSO provides greater security because it avoids the use of multiple passwords for multiple accounts, according to Deepak Taneja, chief technology officer at Aveksa.

“This only holds up if an organization has stringent governance controls in place. Without such controls, SSO can actually lead to a less secure environment that is more susceptible to breaches,” Taneja told MSPToday in an interview. “Aveksa’s new solution combines SSO with strong access governance functionality to allow enterprises to enable one click access to applications and establish business processes which control users’ access to all applications, whether on-premise or cloud-based.”

Broader adoption of cloud-based applications is driving the need for better management of cloud-based solutions, Taneja explained.

“Enterprises need to have the same visibility and control over access for both cloud-based and on-premise application and data resources,” he said.

With the new MyAccessLive SSO capabilities, the Aveksa cloud platform securely connects users to on-premises and cloud-based Web applications, including a range of sign-on options including multi-factor authentication and desktop SSO.

Aveksa touted several features of the new SSO capabilities, including the following:

  • Pre-built SSO connectors for thousands of SaaS applications
  • A simple, standards-based framework for application onboarding
  • “One click” access to applications through desktop and mobile portals
  • Easy directory integration for rapid deployment
  • Support for policy-based strong authentication, including multi-factor and one-time password
  • Desktop SSO for transparent user access to applications
  • Support for on-premises Web applications

MyAccessLive SSO also leverages a standards-based framework with pre-built support for thousands of applications, including mobile device support for improved security and accessibility.

MyAccessLive is currently available for evaluation, and will be priced on a subscription model based on the number of people whose access will be managed.

“Today’s enterprises need a comprehensive IAM solution, with integrated governance, provisioning and authentication,” Taneja added. “With our new SSO capabilities, companies can now meet this need, regardless of whether their IAM systems are deployed on-premise or in the cloud. By delivering the industry’s most complete Identity and Access Management solution, Aveksa is enabling enterprises to gain full visibility and control of user access, across all applications.”

Last month, Aveksa launched MyAccessLive, which is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Identity and Access Management platform, MSPToday reported.

In the area of identity and access management, mid-size companies face many of the same challenges that larger companies face. Primarily, they need to know who in their organization has what kind of access to different information resources – including SaaS applications, on-premises applications and shared data files, Taneja explained in an interview with MSPToday.

“Since it’s cloud-based, MyAccessLive provides midmarket companies with an easy-to-use and cost-affordable way to manage user access for information resources,” Taneja said. “Unlike the on-premise IAM solutions that Aveksa provides for large enterprises, MyAccessLive is a SaaS offering that requires minimal technology and resource requirements for smaller companies, yet still provides extensive functionality to ensure that these companies have full visibility into who has access to what.”

Edited by Braden Becker

Executive Editor, Cloud Computing

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