How On-Demand Field Service Labor Can Grow Your MSP

By Erik Linask

As the technology services market grows increasingly competitive, with more and more MSPs and other IT companies looking to build their customer value, their ability to add new service offerings is a top priority.  In order to their value to customers – and their own revenue in the process – MSPs can’t rest on the same few service offerings they initially built their business around.  The same goes for traditional hardware vendors who are faced with having to adapt to a new services model in order to remain competitive.

As technology continues to evolve at unprecedented rates, the challenge that comes with service expansion is expertise in being able to deliver on customer needs.  In an ideal world, and MSP will become the sole technology vendor for its customers, but that requires a tremendous amount of expertise and a potentially massive field technician workforce as business expands.  As providers expand into new geographies, that becomes increasingly difficult to manage and optimization of a traditional permanent workforce of field techs can become nearly impossible.  The result will be one of two things:  Either the provider will have high downtime rates, or it will struggle to keep up with customers’ service needs.  Either way, the model poses a threat to business success.

But, there’s another option that has taken hold of late, which is the use of contingent workforces for field service jobs.  There is a high demand for technical expertise, but there are also a large number of techs looking for consistent work, which creates something of a perfect storm for tech companies looking to grow or build their services business quickly, economically, but without sacrificing service quality.

Adopting an on-demand field service model allows MSPs to not only ensure they have enough capacity as their businesses grow, but they have an opportunity to build relationships with technicians thanks to a direct-to-contractor model that instills confidence that they have a reliable, skilled workforce that is able to complete tasks effectively.  It also allows MSPs additional flexibility to be able to service customers regardless of their individual technologies or service needs by ensuring access to a network of technicians with different skillsets, certifications, and experience to complete jobs.  No longer do MSPs have to worry about sending a network technician to install or service a VoIP system, or a security engineer to help configure an email server.  With contingent workforces, MSP have access to the right expertise when it’s needed, ensuring they are able to support customer needs at all times and without hindering growth opportunities due to in-house workforce limitations.

To learn how your MSP can grow faster by leveraging on-demand technicians to handle your customers’ needs and to professionally represent your brand to your customers, don’t miss “How On-demand Field Service Labor Can Grow Your MSP.”  This Webinar will feature Field Nation, which has developed an on-demand workforce platform specifically targeting the tech field services market, and has, over the past 11 years built a tremendous network of field service workers with skill sets to match the needs of any MSP and their customers.

Whether you’re new to the IT services model and need to scale quickly, or are looking to expand your service offerings and need to supplement and existing permanent workforce, this is an event you don’t want to miss.  The on-demand model will allow MSPs to scale, while reducing overhead costs and increasing operational efficiency, all with the end goal of delivering the best possible service to customers.

If you’re in the field service business at all – or are thinking about it – register today to learn how to succeed with it.  If you can’t attend the live Webinar on Wednesday, October 16 at 2:00PM ET, don’t worry, register and we’ll make sure you have access to the on-demand edition.

For even more on ways to successfully grow your MSP, don’t miss MSP Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, February 12-14.  Part of the TechSuperShow, along with ITEXPO and several other collocated business tech events, the discussion at MSP Expo will cover everything from field service needs to the latest service and revenue opportunities to the technologies that are in greatest demand by competitive businesses.  Field Nation will be on hand as a Platinum Sponsor of MSP Expo and its team is looking forward to answering any of your questions in booth #221.

Edited by Erik Linask

Group Editorial Director

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