MSP Today Expert Feature
November 16, 2016

SoftNAS to Manage MagHub's Shared Storage Environment

Operating a media company today means generating massive amounts of data, storing it and making it accessible to consumers, employees and partners. If the right storage system is not put in place by a particular organization, accessing the data can be a problem that can potentially be the downfall of the company. Before it gets to that point, MagHub, a publishing software used by magazine media companies to improve their business operations, announced it has selected SoftNAS to bring the hundreds of publishing customers around the world to a common storage environment.

SoftNAS provides software-defined NAS (network-attached storage) solutions and protects mission-critical data using any combination of public, private and hybrid clouds for its customers. The company has developed a data management platform that works with any hardware, any data type, across any geography, and with any IT environment. This includes some of the leading public, private, and hybrid cloud computing platforms: Amazon AWS, Microsoft (News - Alert) Azure, CenturyLink Cloud and VMware vSphere.

"SoftNAS Cloud solved a huge problem for our team. We were facing challenges with a distributed set of data that was hard to scale and centrally backup to the cloud. Alternatives required a significant CapEx investment and a huge time outlay. We needed a much quicker solution and found SoftNAS Cloud to be effective and easy to implement," stated Rudy Pataro, Founder of MagHub.

MagHub is already an Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) customer, so choosing SoftNAS was able to accelerate the adoption of it services for secure back up of it large volumes of data.

SoftNAS Cloud for AWS will make MagHub's data available with 99.999% uptime SLA, which according to the company includes, a No Downtime Guarantee Program. It also comes with an agile storage software that makes the data available on-demand where and when anyone needs it.

The data is protected and under control of company administrators within their own AWS virtual private cloud (VPC), meaning it never leaves the trusted AWS data center. The data can be fully encrypted and secured using AWS encryption of EBS and SoftNAS encryption of S3 data to protect sensitive information.

"Maintaining distributed data sets in and out of the cloud can result in slow replication and backup times which can be arduous to manage. We take the complexity out of backup and offer an easy way to replicate disparate sets of data creating logical management within minutes," said Rick Braddy, CEO, CTO and Founder of SoftNAS.

In choosing SoftNAS, MagHub will be one of many global enterprises that use it storage solutions, including Boeing (News - Alert), Coca Cola, Netflix, Nike and many others.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi