MSP Today Expert Feature
September 28, 2016

Efficio Augments UKAR's Managed Procurement Services

For the last 18 months, Efficio—a name to be reckoned with in the field of procurement—has been working with UKAR, a company that was looking to move its mortgage servicing operations to a completely different company: Computershare Mortgage Services Limited. Recently, Efficio completed the project, resulting in some massive numbers of assets effectively moved, employees transferred, and proof positive that Efficio can deliver on some very substantial propositions.

The concluded project saw around $38.99 billion in mortgage assets and 1,700 employees transferred to Computershare Mortgage Services Limited, a major deal by any standard. Efficio provided much-needed support to the UKAR core negotiation effort, working to build the outsourcing agreement by documenting the services to be provided as well as making each side's roles and responsibilities in the new operation clear.

It also offered a complete review of current contracts in place, and how these would relate to the new operation. Custom-built training programs and analytics functions for spending were also provided, and Efficio even offered normal procurement support in that time frame, allowing business to continue on largely as normal in the intervening period. Efficio has routinely supported a variety of firms' efforts on this front, ranging from major multinationals to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) alike.

Adding comment was Efficio vice president Melaye Ras-Work, who noted “This has been an exciting project, working to ensure all business processes continued during such a complex transition. Our managed services proposition enables us to work closely with our clients over the longer term, building strong client relationships and a deep understanding of the underlying issues. This approach, coupled with powerful technology, enables us to ensure that we fully implement change programs that deliver lasting and sustainable results.”

With more businesses looking seriously at outsourcing on one level or another these days, having a system like Efficio's in place can really help to smooth out some of the rough spots that can make an outsourcing arrangement less than effective. Outsourcing can be an excellent cost-saver, but if there are too many associated costs going into just setting up the outsourcing, what point is there in outsourcing at all? With Efficio making things easier, and covering some of the biggest potential problems from onboarding to spending, it's possible that more outsourcing arrangements that might not have happened will now.

Outsourcing doesn't work for everyone, but when it could work, turning to an operation like Efficio's can help ensure that the efforts go as desired, and produce a worthwhile result.

Edited by Alicia Young