MSP Today Expert Feature
July 27, 2016

RCN Business Combines with Versa Networks to Produce New Security Service

Security is a watchword in business that most everyone's paying attention to, and with good reason. A failure of security can mean huge bottom line ramifications and worse from there. So to hear about RCN (News - Alert) Business getting together with Versa Networks should prove welcome news, and the kind of thing that makes IT professionals sleep a little easier at night.

The combined effort brings forth RCN Managed Security, a system which offers multiple layers of protection for users. Not only are there standard firewall systems, along with the advances of next-generation firewalls, there's also control over user activity at the application and activity level to help make sure unvetted programs aren't running on the system and potentially exposing the operation to malware or the like. Plus, there's even a new visibility, right at the application level, for network monitoring as a whole.

The new RCN Business Managed Security system draws heavily from Versa Networks' software-defined security, a system that allows for simpler deployment of security tools while not sacrificing any of the system's capability.

RCN's senior vice president of commercial services, Mike Carrosquilla, elaborated “Not only does our fully managed solution give businesses comprehensive protection, the cloud-based platform eliminates capital equipment and management costs, ensuring the service is always up-to-date. With RCN Business's new security solution, IT managers can rest easy knowing we are taking care of their communications, network and security needs.”

Carrosquilla here has noted several valuable points about the new offering, including its routine updating and its ease of deployment. A security system that isn't routinely updated risks falling behind the developments from cyber criminals, a move that leaves a system vulnerable to attack. A system not easy to put in place risks not being put in place at all, which is about as bad as security gets. Failing to take whatever measures are necessary or available to keep security up and running can be a disaster to not only the bottom line as revenue is lost, but also to credibility, hurting the chances of return business later. We've already seen that much happen first hand with things like the Home Depot and Dairy Queen breaches of recent memory and more besides. It's not always a permanent hurt on the bottom line, but any damage is bad enough, especially when consumer confidence isn't all it could be.

That's what makes proper security vital, and why RCN Business Managed Security should do quite well in the field. Powerful, routinely updated and easy to use, it's the total package for security. 

Edited by Alicia Young