MSP Today Expert Feature
May 13, 2016

Acrodex Releases InfinIT Managed Services Offering

Acrodex has worked as a managed service provider in information technology for more than 30 years. As a subsidiary of PCM, a manufacturer of network switches, it now offers its expertise in security and attention to client goals in the new InfinIT managed services offering.

The InfinIT package comes to prospective clients as a collection of infrastructure management and around-the-clock customer service. Acrodex insists in its news release that the new suite of services will help businesses first quickly implement new infrastructure and harness control over their entire company networks. As it pointed out in a previous blog post, it can offer full support for a data center that includes on-site support, help desk access, hardware rentals, and disaster recovery.

This leads into the second promise that comes alongside InfinIT: reduced downtime through assistance from the company help desk. Although Acrodex can do much to help prevent hardware problems, it is inevitable that client issues will occur. When local business officials need help, they can reach out to a support team that is always available to answer any questions and make the network healthy again.

Preventative maintenance will come through InfinIT by way of proactive patching and upgrades to existing units. Whether or not midsize or large enterprise clients need a short-term hardware lease or intend to form a long-lasting relationship, clients can count on their hardware receiving regular updates as Acrodex officials log in to their systems remotely and make sure all systems are up to date.

Finally, this managed services release also comes with the promise that Acrodex will make its decisions based on the best interests of each customer. This may result, for instance, in more frequent hardware updates for those companies that handle sensitive customer data. It may also include, as another example, specific attention to hardware ports and functions that relate to a business’s daily activities such as telecommunications provision or local cloud hosting. The needs of all customers can run the gamut, but specific attention should come as part of the managed service packet.

This release includes a special rate for small businesses in Canada, which should serve to broaden Acrodex’s scope. It works primarily with midsize and large businesses, but its services could be tailored to the needs of any size firm.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson