MSP Today Expert Feature
March 08, 2016

How Strategic Alliances Enhance UCaaS Solutions

Michael Eisner, the former Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney (News - Alert) Company, who transformed it into a global media empire valued at $100 billion, once said of business partnerships, “The benefits of working together – of finding a partner – are extraordinary. Partnerships promote common sense, a common purpose, and strong ethics.”

By seeking out partners that have the best attributes to complement a company’s offerings, success is not only attainable, but also highly likely. In business, the practice of providing enhanced goods and/or services through partnerships provides customers with a superior experience and greater optionality.

Unified Communication-as-a-Service (UCaaS) comprises a complex network of communication solutions that require continual maintenance and meticulous management in order to ensure reliable connectivity at all times. Failure is not an option.

In order to achieve this goal, operators must approach the management of UC offerings in a way that is efficient and reliable. Continually monitoring voice quality, connectivity and overall performance enhances the ability to remain proactive when facing potential problems and obstacles. This component of management is key to maintaining a successful and reliable communications system. By employing a solution that can alert customers of an impending problem, while simultaneously identifying the specific point of failure, managers can ensure a high level of dependability. Securing the proper monitoring software is a critical component to the success of UCaaS systems.

Receiving real-time information is also equally important to diagnosis when seconds count. Monitoring a communications system is an ongoing task that is necessary for immediate detection of loss in quality or functionality to avoid larger and more devastating failures and outages before they can wreak havoc on the larger communications system.

Monitoring, managing, and repairing your UC system requires interdependent solutions providers working together. In the highly complex world of Unified Communications (News - Alert), strategic partnerships have become necessary to maintain and provide the highest quality services.

From its inception, TelAgility has put a major focus on creating and maintaining strategic partnerships to offer some of the most sought-after UCaaS solutions. These UCaaS solutions include AT&T (News - Alert) Managed Internet Service and Multi-Protocol Label Switching, Avaya IP Office, and, most recently, performance management software solution provider, IR, for their groundbreaking Prognosis (News - Alert) software. IR’s Prognosis not only detects and alerts customers of potential issues, but also resolves performance issues.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi