Mimecast Not Silent About New MSP Program

By Doug Barney

Mimecast apparently doesn’t want to keep all its e-mail management services to itself, but instead wishes to share with North American-based MSPs. At least that is the motive behind the company’s recently launched MSP program.

“This brings Mimecast’s suite of Unified Email Management (UEM) services, including security, archiving and continuity, to MSP customers across the country. Now, MSPs can easily manage the email environments of a diverse range of customers from a single, centralized administration console – eliminating the need for costly on-premises equipment. The dedicated program also allows MSPs to quickly add and provision new customers online,” the company said.

Mimecast has a broad range of tools, including anti-virus, anti-spam and the ability to help meet compliance regulations. The company also made a recent foray into managing Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is far more difficult to manage than Google Apps, with which it competes. Where Google Apps is a stripped down set of pretty easy to manage services, Office 365 is the entire Microsoft software kitchen sink.

Given that Office 365 is the whole kit and caboodle of Microsoft client and server applications, the cloud offering can be a bear to migrate to, and making sure nothing is lost in the migration process and that work isn’t disrupted is critical for busy businesses.

Mimecast thinks it has this migration deal nailed, and offers its expertise as a set of services that include security, compliance, and the continuation of e-mail. Once migrated, Mimecast offers application connectivity continuity and archiving.

The connectivity continuity applies to an array of devices, letting end users reliably access the services from most anything with a Web connection, including smartphones and tablets. Of course, Office 365 itself allows this basic connectivity, so the key that Mimecast holds is making sure that e-mail is always available to these devices.

The e-mail service is also handy for attachments, and supports 2G-size mega attachments from within Outlook. There are several ways to deploy Office 365, and Mimecast can help shops move to pure cloud or hybrid cloud set ups.

Meanwhile the portfolio includes an e-mail gateway that supports management and security.

The Continuity Services allows users to access mail even when the primary service is down.

Gartner Likes What it Hears from Mimecast

Gartner last year plugged Mimecast squarely into its “Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateway” Report. So what did Gartner like about the Mimecast secure e-mail gateway? “The secure email gateway market is a mature market and buyers should focus on strategic vendors, data loss prevention capability and encryption,” Gartner said. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

MSPToday Editor at Large

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