MSP Today Expert Feature
September 11, 2013

Tangoe: It Takes Two to Manage Telecom Expense

Telecom is a hotly competitive and fast-changing market. Pricing is aggressive as providers fight for customers who have a wide choice of vendors.

Since profit is based on price minus costs, managing expenses isn’t just a nice feature, but critical to telecom survival.

Tangoe hopes to help with its Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) tools and services. The efficacy is being tested and proven by Siemens Australia which uses Tangoe (News - Alert) to address the costs of its mobile communications offerings.

Siemens Australia is using a Tangoe suite of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) tools keep its mobile house in order.

Siemens (News - Alert) Australia has been in action for more than 140 years, though clearly mobile telecom is only a recent phenomenon. Today, however, Siemens deploys many mobile devices across Australia and neighboring New Zealand.

To stay competitive, Siemens looked for cost management tools and found them in Tangoe.

Tangoe is supporting Siemens with a totally hosted approach, and this gives Siemens a unified view of its costs for the mobile and fixed devices it supports.

“After using a different software-based solution for more than a decade, we re-evaluated our needs and how we could more effectively address our telecom management in Australia,” said Charles Cheong, Head of CIT, Siemens Australia. “It was important to have a partner with local customer support that was able to provide us with a solution environment managed by both the vendor and Siemens. With Tangoe’s TEM solution, we were also able to consolidate our call accounting software and Telecom Expense Management systems into a single solution in order to reduce our fixed and mobile operational costs. Our progress to date has confirmed that Tangoe was the correct partner choice and we are confident that Tangoe will be able to support our telecom needs as we continue to grow the solution in the APAC region.”

Edited by Rory J. Thompson