MSP Today Expert Feature
August 01, 2013

DataBank Announces New Suite of Managed Security, Visibility Services

A new suite of managed services has been announced by custom data center and colocation provider DataBank, Ltd. The Dallas-based managed service provider (MSP) is offering a number of new solutions, including security services and enhanced client visibility.

Services apply to customers' collocated IT equipment and infrastructure housed at DataBank's data centers. The new service suite rollout will include an expansion of data collection and monitoring as well as a number of new tools and solutions.

Features will include data center infrastructure management (DCIM), "IT Stack" monitoring tools, and security offerings for threat management, log management, scanning and DDoS mitigation. Offerings are designed specifically to help customers manage risk, improve the performance of their technology and focus on their core business objectives.              

"DataBank delivers the very highest-level infrastructure and environments in the markets we serve, and layering in these new services was a logical extension to our portfolio," said Mike Gentry, vice president of operations at DataBank. "We are responding to customer demand and have moved forward with a number of best-in-class service partners to aid in the delivery of one-stop solution capabilities to enhance our end-user experience."

DataBank operates two data centers in Dallas, and a third in Minneapolis. The MSP also offers consulting services and a variety of managed offerings like data replication and backup, SAN storage, tape rotation and remote hands.

Edited by Alisen Downey