MSP Today Expert Feature
June 17, 2013

ScienceLogic, PagerDuty Team up to Enable Better IT Incident Management

ScienceLogic provides IT operations and cloud management software. PagerDuty delivers IT alerting and incident management as a SaaS solution.

Last week, the two announced a partnership that will enable companies that use the ScienceLogic (News - Alert) platform to receive fast notification of network incidents. For example, if power on a core router goes down, PagerDuty sends an alert to the person responsible for fixing the problem. If the problem isn't addressed, then PagerDuty alerts the next responsible party.

Alerts continue to go out until someone addresses the problem. They can be delivered via SMS, phone call with pre-recorded message and on push alerts to iOS and Android (News - Alert) devices. They can also be sent via e-mail, and the message will contain a URL that takes the user directly to the incident.

For ScienceLogic customers, PagerDuty also delivers new insights from reporting metrics. For example, IT managers can see reports detailing incident resolution as well as availability of SLA support.

"This is one of our deepest integrations yet, featuring robust reporting and synchronized incident status across systems," explained PagerDuty CEO and co-founder Alex Solomon. "By adding ScienceLogic's proven experience with enterprises and service providers, our vision to be the 911 dispatch for your entire IT stack gets a little more complete."

ScienceLogic specializes in network management for companies that have heterogeneous technologies in multiple locations. Networks can be on-premises, or they can be virtual networks including public, private and hybrid clouds.

In May, ScienceLogic won a Best of Interop (News - Alert) award in the Managing & Monitoring category. "EM7's ability to build reports and visualizations based on a wide variety of contexts - from small, local-office performance monitoring to global-scale carrier issues," wrote Andrew Conry Murray, editor at Network Computing.

"It provides a large library of commonly-needed templates, as well as ability to craft custom HTML5 dashboards suitable for framing using your favorite tablet or smartphone. But the big kicker that ScienceLogic EM7 introduced this year for version 7.3 is the ability to visualize your resources within the cloud."

Edited by Alisen Downey